WND Wind DUO 2300

WND Wind DUO 2300

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  • Anonymous

The 2200 is being sold for US$500
This one should really be expensive

  • Brandy

Interesting but out of my league. If it's in the Vertu calss then it should be super expensive!!!!

  • Ash

Looks great! But I would prefer to have an extensive review from the gsm-Arena first. I couldn't find any review of any of the double SIM mobiles. Also, an expected price would help me a lot.

  • Dennis

Wow...it's a unbelievable phone. I wanna buy it.

  • Ammy

A real gold sophistication, are we witnessing the end of Vertu? :)

  • lui...x

i like it, I think this one has 2 faces too.