Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

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  • saeed s

rarnold, 12 Mar 2022Decent device for IT professionals - recommendable Decent ... morehello bro, i have a problem with cast, when i project a film it stop after 5-15 seconds of playing for about 1 sec. but audio don't have stop. could you please say me what's wrong? i got the location and media permission to cast

  • saeed s

Saj, 16 Mar 2022Phone is ok, but display is having black crush issue while ... moredo you have this phone? or only is your opinion?!! because I have it and don't see this problem!!!

  • Jack

Ali2020, 22 Mar 2022That's weird as the display of this phone is quite exp... moreIt's well-known that this phone has a Delta display rather than a Pentile one.
It would only be 402ppi if it was LCD, if it was Pentile it would be 320ppi, because it's Pentile it's only around 268ppi.
Xiaomi's cheaper, budget phones have better displays than this one, don't know why they've done it.

  • saeed s

samiansohel, 07 Apr 2022Hello I need user Experience, opinion & Expert Suggest... moreyes, i will download and install it for 1 month and don't have any problem

  • Tiago

Hi. I bought this phone two days ago, and what disturbs me a lot is that when I am recording a video, it shakes, not from some vibration with my hand, but from the video processing. It is like every 2 seconds, it trembles.

Does anyone have this problem?

Note: When I turned it on for the first time, I immediately update the cellphone to miui 13.0.5.

Jemlim, 02 Apr 2022860 chipset? Isn't it 778G?Best mid range phone I have ever bought. I have been using this device for 2 months.
BTW: the SD 778G is a revised SD 860 SoC (a fork)

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2022YesI agree with you. Unfortunately, most comments and even testimonials are useless. Many comments indicate that there is no basic technical knowledge of smartphone technology (SoC, DSP, ISP etc.).

  • Anonymous

samiansohel, 07 Apr 2022Hello I need user Experience, opinion & Expert Suggest... moreGood

  • samiansohel

Hello I need user Experience, opinion & Expert Suggestions For Xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne Smartphone International Global Version Latest Update . I am using Xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne 8/256 from More than 1 month . Few days ago I got New MIUI SKOMIXM Stable 3.2 Update Available In my smartphone but i am scared to update my smartphone . Did any of you Update MIUI SKOMIXM Stable 3.2 in Xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne smartphone ??? After the update have you noticed any problem in your Smartphone ?? The New MIUI SKOMIXM Stable 3.2 Is Safe or not ??? The New Update Will be good or bad for my Smartphone ?? All the Xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne Global User can share your opinion to me about the new MIUI SKOMIXM Stable 3.2 Update & I am expecting specially all expert best Opinion & Suggestions. Thanks Everyone.

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2022Yeswdym by yes?

  • Anonymous

Jemlim, 02 Apr 2022If you care about camera and performance, op Nord 2. If yo... moreYes

I think a lot of people who know nothing about phone just come here to say rubbish.

The Papa Bear , 25 Jan 2022Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G NE is a really good phone, excellent p... more860 chipset? Isn't it 778G?

K, 23 Feb 2022I have this phone for about 4 months. Mostly dissapionted. ... moreBut for 500 SGD sd778g is acceptable.

William, 27 Feb 2022 No camera in the world supports that frame rate for video ... moreU mean camera phone.

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2022Low qualify amoledWho told you low quality? 10-bit display, decently enough nits of brightness, and decent high refresh rate. So is it low quality after all?

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2022They said The battery life in Xiaomi 11 lite 5g for 122 ... more"What does that mean?" Well, battery capacity doesnt really affect battery life.

axernus, 19 Mar 2022Hi guys. I am once again back to ask you another question.... moreYes, Mi 11 Lite 5G NE is good!
You get better cameras, better processor, better build, better display and almost everything is better.

Confusion, 27 Mar 2022Planning to buy this phone . Is this a better choice than t... moreIf you care about camera and performance, op Nord 2.
If you care about display, battery life (Yes it lasts longer), more software updates, Mi 11 Lite 5G NE

  • Kapi

Is there a recording of conversations?