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  • Niceman911

BG, 10 Nov 2021the price is correct....Xiaomi 11T Pro dont have a universa... moreThere's problems with the whatsapp application. When I capture picture in the dark places it comes black the picture even if I use the flash

This is a Poco F3 Pro/Ultra basically.

  • BG

nobody, 08 Nov 2021stated price by gsm too much, actual price here in Malaysia... morethe price is correct....Xiaomi 11T Pro dont have a universal price..so the prices may vary. Lucky for malaydsians to have a 530 usd 11T Pro

  • Anonymous

usb 2.0 xd

Cant decide on phone, 08 Nov 2021Wait, so you dont take your phone with you?!?That's just an example hahaha, it can be a shower or something. I usually take mine with me to avoid boredom

  • Cant decide on phone

Pher-, 08 Nov 2021I agree with you, it may not have OIS but I have steady han... moreWait, so you dont take your phone with you?!?

  • Show me

ccbunny, 03 Nov 2021Yeah. I'm coming from Poco F2 Pro as well. Dont buy 11... moreIts better having mi 10t of 10-12 SOT @ 144hz rate.Took 1h and 5 mins fully charged.

  • nobody

stated price by gsm too much, actual price here in Malaysia for MI11T Pro highest spec 12gb+256 around 530usd only while MI11 pro much higher price around 740usd(12gb+256) , even if compare specs between those, m11T pro look more higher specs, thats why mi11 about to gone already in here...haha

yamse, 06 Nov 2021I was torn between 11t, 11t pro or redmagic 6s pro for my d... moreI agree with you, it may not have OIS but I have steady hands already. And yes, the features this phone offers may not deserve its "Pro" moniker due to the cameras being significantly downgraded by losing the OIS on the main and less mpx on the uwide. This is what I am getting still due to the fact that it has 888 (even if it is limited hard, atleast we can avoid the Mi 11 wifi burn issue), 120w charging (imagine just taking a dump and coming back to your phone about to be full again), a decent enough cameras for day to day use, amazing screens and speakers all for around 10k difference from the base Mi 11.

  • Anonymous

Piphacker, 30 Oct 2021Hi All, This is my 2nd post on it's review , Plz don... moreBro it has bad battery life so you can appreciate the fast charging, very smart by Xiaomi.


  • Anonymous


I was torn between 11t, 11t pro or redmagic 6s pro for my daily driver and gaming(mobile legends). I have always read bad reviews about heating up of the snapdragon 888 so i was really leaning towards the 11T with dimensity 1200 instread.

Why i ended up with 11T pro. (I'm in saudi by the way)
1. I liked the 120W charging, you will not realize how good it is to have this fast charging beast until you have it. This is one of the biggest reasons why i was neglecting to buy the other two.
I really wanted this phone but i did not like idea that Redmagic 6s pro included only the 30W(??) charger in the box instead of the 67W. If I were to buy 67W charger, the 30W will be considered trash and i don't want to waste my cash on that.
2. Software updates. i owned the redmi k20 pro premium for 2 years and they have good updates in my opinion. I checked the redmagic website and i have read some bad comments about their phone not being updated.
3. Camera. it is great. although it doesn't have the OIS, it don't mind since my hands are not shaky af. my previous phone doesn't have one too and it's OK.
4. Speaker. the best, there's one on top and bottom which compliments well to your gaming exerience. You'll see. and although this phone doesn't have the 3.5mm jack, i don't mind. I prefer the bluetooth earphone.
5. Processor: I really wanted a big upgrade to replace my aging phone, based on my research, it is better to have the dimensity 1200 for being well optimized and does not overheat. But i didn't like the fact that it is more of a 865 or 870 equivalent. My top choice was the 888+ which the redmagic has. It is more gaming focused which i really like but i am really annoyed of needing to spend more for the mere charger and also i find their accessories expensive (cases, screen protector, cooler) to the point of asking myself, is it worth it.

  • Dika87

Frame is not aluminum but plastic like poco f3

  • ZanZan

47cosmos, 15 Sep 2021Can't wait for 10T Pro vs. 11T Pro battery comparison.forget 11t pro bro, 10t pro is enough

  • Anonymous

I sleep

still no OIS at this price range..? kinda weird by Xiaomi I think..
should have OIS at at least one of it's camera..

  • ccbunny

Piphacker, 27 Oct 2021My previous phone was Xiaomi's Pocophone f2 pro ... &a... moreYeah. I'm coming from Poco F2 Pro as well. Dont buy 11T Pro if you prefer better battery life. Poco F2 Pro with SD865 have SOT of 8-10 hours while 11T Pro barely reach SOT of 6-7 hours. Playing Fire Free on Poco F2 Pro for more than an hour, the temperature only reach 33-34 degrees while gaming on 11T Pro will reach 38-40 degrees.

  • Anonymous

Cr4pple Sux0rs, 01 Nov 2021Correct. Only ignorant fangheys cobtinue to buy overpriced ... moreWhat are u talking about? In my country this phone around 500$ usd.

no ois?? blehh...

  • Anonymous

masa8897, 26 Oct 2021What are your reasons for defending this phone? It has terr... morelIt literally has top specs like: 5000mah battery, 888, 12gb ddr5ram, 120hz, 120Wcharging, the specsheet has no idea what drug are you on :D (Iphone user) :D