Xiaomi 11T Pro

Xiaomi 11T Pro

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  • Anonymous

in March 2021

Xiaomi teases the Mi 11 Ultra with ...revolutionary cooling design....


in October 2021

Xiaomi 11T Pro disassembly video reveals plenty of graphite and copper to keep thermals in check


_Now ppl talking about don't do hard gaming with MI 11 ULTRA...its not for hard gaming

the phone that designed with (Revolutionary Cooling Design)....
now its not for Hard gaming purpose😁

Which phone can be compared with which Samsung phone in terms of performance and price?

  • AFS

I am quite confused with Xiaomi's naming thing.
So it seems that apart from the charging speeds, the 11t pro has inferior specs compared to Mi11. So what's the deal with the 11t pro? Is it more like a refreshed Mi11i rather than a Mi11?
I noticed that in one of my local stores both the 11t pro and the Mi11 have exactly the same price :S. It doesn't make sense.

  • AnonD-1016461

Shakeel ahmed, 13 Oct 2021Has anyone used it or not? No one is talking about its perf... moreProximity sensor exists on all of Xiaomi devices because there isn't any hardware related sensor like the one was before
And btw it's a good device if you're chef and into cooking
It can boil eggs like in 5 minutes while charging or gaming

I don't think the frame is metal ?

Has anyone used it or not? No one is talking about its performance. Does it have a Poco F3 sensor problem or not? I mean the screen turns on and off during a call. Goes

  • azes9293

Use this device a week alrdy..btw...nice...i like it...👍

PhoneFreak45, 11 Oct 2021It pisses you off that a company decided to save money on t... moreWho are you, their Coo ? How do you know they're not making profit ? Do you realize that the true flagship for Xiaomi is the mi 11 and not the 11T, Xiaomi doesn't follow the same strategy as OnePlus, so T doesn't mean a better version it's like FE for Samsung.

  • Unknown

If you do not keep bashing your phone like a madman playing games 24/7 who cares. 888 snapdragon is the best. Why would it overheat for normal scrolling YouTube and web browsing?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021wtf its cheap man can get it for 700 usd
around 700$
its not cheap

with this money u can get

IPHONE 11 (128GB)
IPHONE 12 mini

or even...

with these specs
50mp imx766 + OIS + 2X optical zoom + 65W + usb type 3.1


@ least these phones they doesnt have heating issue bcuz of SD888
the last one have SD865

  • Anonymous

red, 12 Oct 2021Not even close to a flagship killer :/ it's way to expensivewtf its cheap man can get it for 700 usd

  • red

Iikara, 12 Oct 2021*flagship killerNot even close to a flagship killer :/ it's way to expensive

Apizt Shah, 11 Oct 2021Not flagship, a midrange.*flagship killer

  • Unknown

Compared this phone side by side with s21 ultra and found this to be the same size. Hardly use camera so it doesn't matter. With a decently priced Telco contract at $48 why not! Mi watch comes for free as well! Great deal. Thus phone is promised 3 years software updates and 4 years security updates.

AhmedSLL, 05 Oct 2021Easy my friend, this is a much better value than the s21 ul... moreIt pisses you off that a company decided to save money on the ultra wide when they're already making barely any profits on the phone?

  • CL

hwklap, 06 Oct 2021No OIS no buy.Are you a photographer???

Not flagship, a midrange.

  • halgurd

Kyuzan, 09 Oct 2021Well Asian Price is more cheaper, this phone basicly in mid... moreI am Xaiomi fan, I will buy it in the future.

  • Anonymous

With this battery life the phone is doa, no more overpriced garbage please.

  • Virus-X

No OIS, No IP68, Too hot SD888, boring design, MIUI....