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Xiaomi12lite also have Dual Front LED flash

    Hi, everyone! If you're contemplating whether to buy the phone or not, go purchase it now!

    Anyway, after using the phone for days now, I noticed these:
    • For the battery, I kept track of my usage. From 100%, I was left with 54% in 4hrs and 30mins of usage:
    25-30% brightness
    3hrs of BT earphones usage
    40-50% volume
    1hr and 11mins (120Hz)
    3hrs and 19mins (60Hz)
    • Camera is its best feature. It really captures the details which I really like. Contrast is better than its predecessor.
    • I can play CODM without experiencing lags.
    • Display is great. I can watch Netflix shows better since it has dual speakers. Not to mention the Dolby Vision which apparently is 💯.
    • I like the picture and video editing feature of the phone.
    • The design of the phone is very stylish. I got the Lite Pink variation and it has a matte color gradient.

    No issues so far. Will update if ever I encountered one. 😊

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      • Dinosaur
      • fIV
      • 26 Sep 2022

      I don't think a slimmer phone can fit a larger battery, which make sense. If you want bigger battery you can always go for thicker phone.

        da1shiq, 25 Sep 2022Torn between this and Poco F4. Which one is better? My usag... morego for it.
        even Mi 11 lite will suffice

          doel, 23 Sep 2022lol just 4300 MAhThose 4,300mAh are totally enough, i'm getting 6-7 hours SOT when i need to use constantly (100%-20%) which is the same amount i was getting on my last Galaxy A52s with 4,500mAh 🤷🏻‍♂️

            • d
            • da1shiq
            • KiC
            • 25 Sep 2022

            Torn between this and Poco F4. Which one is better? My usage was just scrolling through social media & taking some photos and videos, no gaming at all.

              • d
              • doel
              • Kxc
              • 23 Sep 2022

              lol just 4300 MAh

                Bionic Chip, 22 Sep 2022It doesn't matter if it's the best Xiaomi phone. ... moreOh i get it now. Yes, this model isn't really popular in my country because in official stores it's 450€ and i got lucky to find it for way cheaper. Knowing what's popular here, barely anyone will buy 12 Lite.

                  UltraHD, 22 Sep 2022And this is actually the best Xiaomi phone i owned so far 🤷... moreIt doesn't matter if it's the best Xiaomi phone. I'm pointing out reports that Xiaomi's revenues are dropping this year. (I posted the link to the articles to support my opinion but Gsmarena is deleting my posts with links). I ended up posting the previous message.

                  I also pointed out the reason behind the fall of their revenue. In my opinion, maybe by sticking to their norm of producing devices with great value and specs, it might help sell more devices and prevent further decline of their revenues.

                  I don't question this phone's quality. It is a good device, but I am not compelled to buy it.

                  Why? There are better options for the price. This is a "Mi Lite," yet the price is heavier for the segment it targets.

                  Gsmarena's remarks on this device:

                  "Realme GT Neo 3T • OnePlus Nord 2T • Xiaomi 11T Pro • Motorola Edge 20 Pro"

                  "More powerful alternatives in the same price range, although from last year."

                  Based on these factors, I can conclude that people are not inspired to spend money on this because better alternatives exist for the same or less money.

                    Bionic Chip, 21 Sep 2022If Xiaomi keeps on releasing devices like these, their reve... moreAnd this is actually the best Xiaomi phone i owned so far 🤷🏻‍♂️ The price is reasonable, you can find this 8/128 for 350€ here. Compared to my last Redmi, it's way better and software is way better too.

                      Gandalfdenvite , 19 Sep 2022No MicroSD card slot :( !if only they added an SD card slot, I'd buy it right away.
                      It has everything else that I need at a reasonable price point

                        If Xiaomi keeps on releasing devices like these, their revenues will continue to drop.

                        They should bring their old brand identity of selling devices with great specs at reasonable prices. Take the Redmi Note 8 to Redmi Note 10 series.

                        Redmi Note 8 And Note 8 Pro were one of the best seller devices that Xiaomi and Redmi ever made.

                          • G
                          • Gandalfdenvite
                          • 38F
                          • 19 Sep 2022

                          Saeed, 05 Sep 2022f**k Virtual proximity sensingI use the app "Call Proximity Sensor Fix" to fix that problem. It can use the light sensor to turn off the screen during phone calls.

                            • G
                            • Gandalfdenvite
                            • 38F
                            • 19 Sep 2022

                            No MicroSD card slot :( !

                              2 MP macro + 8 MP ultrawide camera for this price. Get the Mi 11T Pro or Mi 10T Pro instead. As the most expensive Lite, we should be getting 24 MP ultrawide modules by now.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 0p}
                                • 17 Sep 2022

                                Is type C to 3.5 mm compatible?

                                  Anonymous, 16 Sep 2022Hi guys. I can't decide which one to buy. Im thinking ... moreIt's totally fine as long as it isn't 2 or 3 years old, 11T Pro is a flagship killer while 12 Lite is at the top of mid-rangers. The cameras seems very great according to specs but i would advise you to see reviews of both phones and compare both devices.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 04R
                                    • 16 Sep 2022

                                    Hi guys. I can't decide which one to buy. Im thinking about the 11T Pro and the 12 Lite. Need a good battery life and good camera. But the 11T Pro is a year old model... is that fine or?

                                      • Z
                                      • Zayb
                                      • sUv
                                      • 11 Sep 2022

                                      Superb camera sleek design and good display
                                      About the GPU Adreno 642L is good enough for gaming... Did you miss the antutu score that's great. 👍🍑

                                        Anonymous, 10 Sep 2022Ok thanks for the information But I also need to know more... moreI can't tell you about gaming, i don't play them on phones. Connectivity also, i'm not using datas (only Wifi) but that depends more on your carrier than a phone. Also i don't have 5G in my country. LTE works just fine and i'm available always (while on my A52s, i wasn't sometimes.)
                                        Cameras are great, i tested them yesterday. Low light condition could've been a little bit better and front camera is actually the best one i owned yet.