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Anonymous, 11 Mar 2023DXOmark always find a way of talking the worst pics with ph... moreWhat about Huawei Mate 50 Pro, Honor Magic4 Ultimate, Google Pixel 7 Pro, Apple iPhone 14 Pro/Max, Apple iPhone 13 Pro/Max....also bad reviews?

    AnonD-792345, 08 Mar 2023After you install Google Play, and install apps from it, it... moreCool man
    Thanks you helped a lot

      The prices are really high...
      Not sure xiaomi can justify such high prices...

      But to each its own..

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        • fuf
        • 11 Mar 2023

        Calvin62, 10 Mar 2023Xiaomi 13 Pro got a beating at DX0markDXOmark always find a way of talking the worst pics with phones, I don't know how most reviewers take pictures with these phones and DX just does the opposite

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          • 11 Mar 2023

          Anonymous, 10 Mar 2023It is, they confirmed it and "IP68" is also writt... moreGlobal variant is confirmed and certified. However, for the Indian version they only mentioned it verbally, they said that due to time limit it was hard to get the certification before launch, but it still have the same IP rating as the global. ( if it is mentioned on the box for the Indian version kindly confirm)

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            • 10 Mar 2023

            Amanryeaahhh, 10 Mar 2023Is this phone IP68 rating waterproof ? GSM Arena says yes, ... moreIt is, they confirmed it and "IP68" is also written on the phone box

              A proper flagship. I would definitely try it in future if i had a chance. 120W fast charging in it is the standout feature for me.

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                • 10 Mar 2023

                Is this phone IP68 rating waterproof ? GSM Arena says yes, but website and amazon has no detail about it nor does the official page on mi website.

                  Xiaomi 13 Pro got a beating at DX0mark

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                    • 09 Mar 2023

                    Techarena24, 09 Mar 2023The 50.3MP main camera of the Xiaomi 13 Pro is Sony’s IMX98... moreThe Xiaomi 13 Pro got the same score as the 12S Ultra and in fact both have the same Sony 1 inch sensor. Both have lame cameras, very far even from the top 10 in Dxomark.

                    MIUI has the worst ISP by far and Leica is just a paid name to be included there... I have seen many real life reviews and the Xiaomi loses in them all, even against the iPhone 14 Pro which as of today is not even a top 5 phone.

                    I'm sorry but Dxomark stated it already - 16th rank for camera / 17th rank for screen / 20th rank for audio, which is absolutely hilarious and ridiculous given the fact they ask 1.400€ (256GB) and 1.500€ (512GB) in my country (Germany) and it's not even worthy half of that price!

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                      • Techarena24
                      • 3p7
                      • 09 Mar 2023

                      The 50.3MP main camera of the Xiaomi 13 Pro is Sony’s IMX989 1-inch type sensor which takes sharper and clearer photos and videos than the 50MP main camera of the Magic 5 Pro. But, the story is different when it comes to the front cameras. The 32MP front camera of the Xiaomi 13 Pro is not as good as the 12MP front camera of the Honor Magic 5 Pro.

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                        • 3p7
                        • 09 Mar 2023

                        Xiaomi 13Pro is lame, 09 Mar 2023Very disappointing camera... Dxomark just got this Xiaomi r... moreDxomark... Seriously? Wat h some real comparsions. Sone people saying 13Pro has better maincamera thfn Magic 5 Pro in real life.

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                          • Xiaomi 13Pro is lame
                          • gn4
                          • 09 Mar 2023

                          Very disappointing camera... Dxomark just got this Xiaomi reviewed and it's far from the top 10 and it got worse scores than 4 year old / 2019 phones... not even the camera and not even the screen are top 10 in fact both are far from it... and they ask 1.400€ for this joke in Europe, now combine it with MIUI, 1080 selfie, USB 2.0 and so on and you have something that doesn't deserve more than 600€ or it's just a complete rip-off.

                          Very disappointed with Xiaomi. It's obvious "Leica" is just a marketing name they've paid to use. MIUI ISP is still the worst. A 1.400€ phone far from the top 10 I have never seen that before... what a shame. I wanted to switch from Xiaomi 10T Pro to 13 Pro but I'm done with Xiaomi. I'll be going straight for OnePlus 11 which is 700€ and miles better than Xiaomi.

                            But the hardware is flagship.
                            It haves all the latest in it. Only the camera is something to look at.

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                              • 09 Mar 2023

                              Hi, friend I want to buy which phone? Don't understand much 13 or 13 pro ??

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                                • Xiaomi 11 EU
                                • x}k
                                • 08 Mar 2023

                                [deleted post]I have Xiaomi 11 and I'm writing from this phone but you're just saying nonsense, why are you so blind of love for Xiaomi? Xiaomi always had a problem with selfie cameras, the 13 Pro has a very weak selfie camera (far from the quality of other flagships) and just 1080p 30fps selfie video while others offer 4K 60fps HDR+ selfie video.

                                Also colors on Xiaomi's selfie are terrible in all phones, even the Xiaomi 12S Ultra has bad selfie and it's the best Xiaomi right now. Selfies are way too over exposed, the skin tones are the fakest ones (makes people look whiter than they are) and when there is some sun behind, the pic is trashed out completely... like the mid range selfie cameras.

                                I love my Xiaomi 11 for all but selfie camera, which is very bad. I'm so sad to see Xiaomi is now asking even more expensive prices than Apple or Samsung but selfie camera is still much worse than a 500€ Pixel 7 and this Xiaomi 13 Pro is 1.400€ in Europe. I have bought my Xiaomi 11 EU version for 600€ brand new, why is this Xiaomi so expensive? It doesn't deserve this price!!!

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                                  • 08 Mar 2023

                                  I need new phone, 08 Mar 2023Thanks Btw someone told me that the Chinese version can ha... moreAfter you install Google Play, and install apps from it, it won't update apps automatically sometimes, bu you can always update manually. Play protect has nothing to with ROM or brand, it's a feature of Google play store.
                                  It is complicated to flash a phone, I tried it on a ZTE phone and bricked it, means it went dark. I won't recommend it at all. Because some banking apps might not work. And you have to install Android upgrades manually.
                                  Moto x30 Pro is a great phone. It connects with other smart devices so easily, with Ready For App. Photos are amazing. I bought a Xiaomi 12s Ultra for a great price. That is why I'm selling it. To be honest, I am still debating whether I should sell Moto or Xiaomi. Moto x30 pro also has a better stereo sound than Xiaomi phones, even though Xiaomi phones have dedicated speakers, and Moto X30 Pro uses ear piece as a speaker. Bass is deep and crisp on Moto x30 pro.
                                  Plus camera performance is very close or even better in some situations. I have never seen a phone takes 380* panoramic shot. Moto x30 Pro panoramic shots goes all around and comes back and overlaps with your starting point if you keep going.

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                                    • 08 Mar 2023

                                    Anonymous, 07 Mar 2023Not only that, just add mediocre selfie camera with even mo... moreCompletely agreed. This phone is a ripoff and MIUI gives the worst software experience possible in Android. I wouldn't buy this even for 700$ given the huge weak points it has and all of the things it misses to be a truly flagship phone.

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                                      • ndi
                                      • 08 Mar 2023

                                      I need new phone, 08 Mar 2023Thanks Btw someone told me that the Chinese version can ha... moreI got both China and Europea Version and Roms. The 5g bands are differnt because of the hardware (rom does not change it but it is not a big deal). 100% Google Support out of the box. Including Google Home and everything. On MIUI you can change anything, remove all chinese Apps if you want. Only difference: Taking a call is used by Google-Phone-App on European Rom. While it is the Xiaomi Phone App on China Rom - BUT you can use Google-Phone if you want too. But Xiaomi Phone App is able to record calls (which is illegal in Europe that is why Xiaomi changed to Google Phone App in Europe 2 years ago)

                                      You can send a request to release Xiaomi phone from guaranty in the Developer Options (takes about 24 hours) then you can easily install any other rom. Without any problems. Xiaomi and Google are strong partners as you know from Google Assistant in Xiaomi Devices so everything is 100% compatible.

                                      MIUI 14 best ui on actual phones in my optinion, super light, super flexible, super fast. Even faster and longer battery time since the update to MIUI 14.

                                        henry, 06 Mar 2023Very expensive. Better go for iphone 14. Much more worthyiPhone 14? Not that crappy phone! It's cheaper but not worth your money.