Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

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  • Paiman
  • 7jT
  • 10 Feb 2024

Xiaomi 13tpro is better with good price

    Charging speeds should be faster and should have 3x 1inch cameras.
    And front camera should be at least 50 Mpix capable of 4K or even 8K. 9737

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      • machungvhurat
      • sSI
      • 10 Feb 2024

      this is best set up camera for me.....so sad i cant afford it hahaha

        Only thing I hope for is it being flat. Come on Xiaomi 🧐

          yakin wes, 10 Feb 2024there is no harman kardon in the speaker, a little disappoi... moreThey dropped their partnership since the 13 Ultra

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            • Prajwal
            • CbI
            • 10 Feb 2024

            It's 8k 30fps🤦

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              • Stoon
              • N1a
              • 10 Feb 2024

              David 040882, 10 Feb 2024Dude the image is the Xiaomi 13 Ultra 🤦, it's unknown ... moreit will be bulkier than the previous one ... like the new redmi a3

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                • AnonD-641645
                • Kxe
                • 10 Feb 2024

                Periscope telephoto means continuous change in focal length, right? Isn't the fixed 3.2x telephoto redundant?

                  Missing good old Z force series from Motorola with camera motomods.
                  And a shatterproof screen. Best type of gorrila glass phone could ever had.
                  It reminds me of a this phone.

                    thyprime, 10 Feb 2024Camera design is worse than ever.Dude the image is the Xiaomi 13 Ultra 🤦, it's unknown how the 14 Ultra will look

                      Camera design is worse than ever.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • J9c
                        • 10 Feb 2024

                        A13 Miui14 wtf ahahahahaha

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                          • Anonymous
                          • XS8
                          • 10 Feb 2024

                          Guys it's not even released yet so the specs is not 100% true

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                            • yakin wes
                            • 6cc
                            • 10 Feb 2024

                            there is no harman kardon in the speaker, a little disappointed actually

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                              • Uivy
                              • Jhp
                              • 09 Feb 2024

                              R u guys sure that in 14 ultra will be used optical fingerprint scanner?

                                mikr0bi, 09 Feb 2024Lack of B20, curved screen, overpriced, no thx.It has NOT even been RELEASED on the MARKET!!
                                the illustration is of the last model available (as the 13 Ultra), the characteristics are rumors and are subject to any change
                                and GSMArena announces: "Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct. Read more"
                                PLEASE read more.

                                  There are only NPCs in this comments section
                                  GSMArena solo is giving rumored features of the model, which are completely modifiable in the future
                                  Because to begin with, this phone has not been released and the most that is known about it is absolutely nothing more than the processor that is going to be the 8 gen 3.
                                  They should ban those accounts, they look like bots.

                                    Anton el - PAPI, 09 Feb 2024N P C ?Yeah, you know, the non-player characters from games. That's just now used to describe these fanboys around here, especially the iPhone die hard fans

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 3xs
                                      • 09 Feb 2024

                                      Amazing specs.

                                        David 040882, 09 Feb 2024My God, so many NPCs in this comment section already 😂N P C ?