Xiaomi 14 Ultra teardown shows minor internal changes

Michail, 23 February 2024

Xiaomi went ahead and unveiled its premiere flagship smartphone for 2024 yesterday and we now have a highly detailed teardown for the 14 Ultra courtesy of WekiHome.

While the 14 Ultra looks similar to its predecessor, it boasts several internal changes. The new flagship boasts a slightly larger motherboard casing.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra next to 13 Ultra
Xiaomi 14 Ultra next to 13 Ultra

We also get to see the new wireless charging coil which now supports 80W wireless fast charging provided you have the right Xiaomi wireless charger. The inside part of the charging and NFC coil also boasts a larger heat dissipation film.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra teardown Xiaomi 14 Ultra teardown
Xiaomi 14 Ultra teardown

The newly updated camera sensors can be seen at the 3:45 minute mark followed by several sample images starting at the 4:30 point. The video then proceeds to dive into the device showing us close-ups of all the key components which is always an interesting watch.


Reader comments

True but it's a tiny difference. Would anyone really notice that in daily use?

That wasn't really my argument. My point was that the telephoto and ultrawide sensors aren't that large and that it is possible to fit in larger sensors (this was in response to a commentor who stated they were large)

  • Anonymous
  • 24 Feb 2024
  • 8Np

Rumor of months ago was than micro 4/3 was being tested for mi 15 ultra. Looks like DSC on his weibo has admitted this. Bump is going to be easily 5-6 mm thicker than current.

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