Xiaomi VP shares production video of 64MP quad camera smartphone

Sagar, 15 August 2019

Last week Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi announced that its 64MP camera smartphone will hit the market in Q4 of this year and it's gearing to make it widely available rather than a limited afair. Today, Xiaomi VP Lu Weibing shows a quick video, showing that the mass production has already started.

The clip reveals that the camera setup, will feature three vertically aligned units, with the fourth one placed on the right.

We can also see that there's no pop-up mechanism here, which means the smartphone will come with a waterdrop notch housing the selfie camera.

Weibing also said that Redmi's 64MP quad camera smartphone entered mass production around half a month ago, but other than that he didn't reveal any details of this smartphone.

Details are scarce about this Redmi smartphone right now, but we should hear more about it in the coming weeks.

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Reader comments

Sensor photosites alone (black & white) were 64MP. Bayer filter (for color) is 4:1 laid-out on top of the sensor. The two characteristics above were physical and results to 16MP colored pictures as default/native (based on Default Bayer Filte...

  • Anonymous

Exactly! But i agree that so many mps does not matter. I preffer only 8mp but bigger with great capabilities in low light and great dinamic range.

  • coy


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