Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro

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  • Ayy lmao

Crap, 05 Aug 2019No sd-cardslot, no headphone jack, no thanks!But 450$ USD yes please

  • Whoosh

gaaron, 07 Aug 2019oh really? i got 1348 songs with 12.10GB size... you want me to ... moreIts 12GB Ram not 12 GB of storage space you dummy dum

  • jahzxd

gaaron, 07 Aug 2019oh really? i got 1348 songs with 12.10GB size... you want me to ... moreif you have a laptop or computer, you can temporarily transfer you medias there via usb cable and copy it to the new device

  • Farzy

seriously no head phone jack in a gaming phone

  • hamins

Fung, 31 Jul 2019The touch sensitivity is 240Hz, not the display. The display is ... moreso what is the screen display response time ?
is it 1ms or 4 ms or 5ms?

  • gaaron

CptPower, 03 Aug 2019Man cloud storage everywhere. What is in cloud storage wont ge... moreoh really? i got 1348 songs with 12.10GB size... you want me to back it up on whatever drive in the sky it is? do you have any idea how long i will take to back up and download it again? not sure? or you'll just say it depends on signal?...sd card is important instant u can use anywhere no signal needed no sync needed its just there period period period don't argue with people who got important files and big files on there sd card... because you will not understand...

  • Emad Badal

Sephi@311, 06 Aug 2019then don't buy it and just ignore itDear Can you give clear feed back, I liked the Specification of this phone and I wanted to buy one.

  • Sephi@311

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2019This is Gaming phone??? Hahaha small battery, no 3.5 jack, no ... morethen don't buy it and just ignore it

  • Anonymous

This is Gaming phone??? Hahaha
small battery, no 3.5 jack, no SD card.
No xiaomi this is not Gaming phone.

  • Crap

No sd-cardslot, no headphone jack, no thanks!

Anonymous, 04 Aug 20191920fps video, wow!it's probably some interpolated crap...
but at least 960fps might then be good

  • Rich watarious

Please Xiaomi launch this phone globally fast. We need it. I wanted the K20 pro but it's still not in my country but let this one come. I can buy one from Jumia.com if it comes there.

  • Anonymous

1920fps video, wow!

morningstar, 04 Aug 2019correction the cooling case doesn't have a 3.5mm jack. So yeah, ... more..it was the Black Shark Helo Cooling case Concept who has one.

morningstar, 03 Aug 2019Xiaomi's approach to gaming phones, using the Black Shark brand,... morecorrection the cooling case doesn't have a 3.5mm jack. So yeah, my apologies to whoever read my rant.

  • Vorba

The specs are very good tho I think it is quite bad it doesn't have a 90hz or 120hz display anyways great phone

  • Anonymous

when will it be launched is SEA.

Xiaomi's approach to gaming phones, using the Black Shark brand, is getting quite effective.

This experiment from Xiaomi is working through this Black Shark 2 Pro.
Sure, there's no official IP rating and no one's brave enough to test, then declare whether the phone can survive a dip or two. An official IP rating will increase the price, and please be careful with handling your phones.
The build is aluminum and glass, it survived Zack's bending test, which proves that it's durable.
It still doesn't seem to have an NFC support, which is DEVASTATING to MOST people, but "anandtech" declares that it does, idk if it's true or not, link can be found below, it's in their specs table.
And no 3.5mm jack, which breaks the heart of our fellow "hardcore gamers" out there, but it's not really gone, you know. (I'll tell you why, so continue reading.)

The Black Shark 2 Pro sports some few incremental changes.

•SD855+ (No additional description necessary. 😏)

•12GB RAM LPDDR4X + 256GB Internal (Top model), UFS 3.0 storage (Faster Read-Write Operations)

•Replaced the previous model's Samsung GM1 camera sensor with Sony IMX586, still sporting a 48MP sensor (48MP Mode in the Camera App is available now, too), it is also famous because of its great low-light capabilities, though the quality always falls under the algorithms, but the potential is there and we know it.

•Video recording also improved, the most promising is the 1920fps@720p slow-motion (yep, it's legit) and 1080p at 120fps and 240fps. Not too shabby, right?

•Still sporting Joy UI on top of Android Pie, it's like a gamer-esque MIUI, full-screen gestures are top-notch.

•And the list goes on...

Though the Black Shark Blokes are not known to be very "customer-centric", i.e. their customer support kinda suck (exaggeration intended), but that doesn't mean the phone's user experience is down right piece of trash, they are all well aware that one flop from their user experience service WILL end their career, they must be just very busy counting all the money earned from their proprietary accessories, 🤭. Kits are advertised from here to there. For me, spending an additional €100± is fine, for the sake of having that "hardcore gaming" vibe.
Familiar phrase?
"Hardcore gaming/gamers", have a tendency to blow-up if you remind them that this phone doesn't have a 3.5mm jack. But what if I tell you that this phone have a headphone jack, just in the form of a €45± cooling case.

"What?! A cooling case? Nonsense! The phone itself has a Liquid Cooling 3.0 technology, that cooling case is useless! 😠"

But, what if I tell you that it's not just a cooling case. It's also a dock-like system, where you can easily slide in the proprietary gamepads, and this cooling case, which is powered by the phone itself thru the USB-C port, has a 3.5mm jack and usb-c alongside each other. Now you can do "hardcore gaming" while charging, and using your old-school headphones, for just €45±, just add €55± for the gamepads and complete that "hardcore gaming" experience.
Black Shark really "solved" that dilemma by offering you quite a good bargain, and I don't disagree with that, I could always use the dongle they provide to save myself some penny, and not whine about the lack of the headphone jack on the phone. It's quite a marketing strategy, and they're damn good at it.

The battery lasts quite long with casual use, of course.

But "hardcore gamers" are worried that...

the 4000mAh will be easily drained-out by the 855+ due to intense "hardcore gaming" sessions.

Read the last line again, you're old enough to know what to do.
Gaming over 2hrs is bad for your health, seriously.

So will this be a great daily driver?
The Black Shark 2, not so much...
But this one, the Black Shark 2 Pro, for me, YES.


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*Not sorry for painful sarcasms*

  • Anonymous

the phone looks not bad price group is good too the only problem it is: spacefish it battery capacity

Sajahan, 31 Jul 2019Look, these are the phones are not for everyone. This is 2019. E... moreExactly nicely said.
Kudos for you my friend.