Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro

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  • nick sloter

A "gaming" phone with no 3.5mm jack? LOL

  • Google user

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2019Gorilla glass 6 or no? No card slot?! 3.5mm... come one! Also ... moreAt least you can get this phone for a fair price.

  • Anonymous

Gorilla glass 6 or no?
No card slot?! 3.5mm... come one!
Also isn't Li-Ion heavier than Li-Pol? Seems like a bad choice for a gaming phone.

  • Yeah

SanXCV, 25 Sep 2019Black Shark is not part of XiaomiYes, you are correct. Xiaomi invested money in Black Shark but have no controlling stakes.

No nfc?

Please GSM Arena we need review for this phone

  • SanXCV

Black Shark is not part of Xiaomi

  • Anonymous

This Pro version is supposed to have 90hz screen refresh.

  • Rolly

Is this phone capable of 5g net work.

  • Adriano

Does this phone has an always on display? How do I get this working?

  • BBQ

Already brought ít and pretty happy with it, few things it lacking of are:
No water-resistant. : In Which you can't said much for its price.
No 5G yet: about the future proof.
The battery is fine for its own specs, no fancy 120/144ghz refresh rate screen. Just be honest to yourself, with that much refresh rate for the phone? Are you being serious to yourself that will help you in your shooting games? Me neither, it's all about your skill/reflexion.
Remember when Counter Strike 1.6/Source ppl still won the world champion on the 60ghz screen?

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi don't compromise on quality, but they are committed to making only 5% margins on their hardware unlike Apple who make enormous margins. Xiaomi also don't waste money on consumer advertising (they actually make the best product, not try to brainwash people into believing its the best product). They also don't have the huge number of customer services reps necessary to deal with customers who can't even turn their devices on properly as Apple have to.

  • Idk

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2019 It's 2019 an there isn't a head jack?! They can add all this ex... moreYou are stupid then, if you can afford ROG2 just buy it rather than comparing it to Black Shark 2 pro. Obviously the price said it all about the performance.

  • Yo

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019no audio jack , small battery unacceptable for gaming phoneThis is for budget gamers. Xiaomi has given much according to it's price

  • Anonymous

no audio jack , small battery unacceptable for gaming phone

  • Devil

Gaming phone with only 60 Hz screen? Go away Xiaomi, you are not even a competition.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2019Anyone tested in real life see if it overheats? Gaming phones ne... morehttps://www.gsmarena.com/gaming_phones_throttlin­g_performance-review-1957p3.php

  • Marn

Fung, 31 Jul 2019The touch sensitivity is 240Hz, not the display. The display is ... moremaybe 4-6 hours

  • Anonymous

L, 18 Aug 20194000mah is small? 256GB is more than enough for games And you ... moreI'm not sure about wireless audio because that creates lag which makes fps and rhythm games unplayable. I think just keeping the dongle on your earbuds are the best bet.

  • kyle

does it have a dual app like a regular xiaomi phone?