Xiaomi Black Shark 4

Xiaomi Black Shark 4

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  • Ceyfron

I'm in doubt between Black Shark 4 and GT Neo 2, which one should I buy? I play a lot

  • haha ur mom

Hey xiaomi, i want my loudspeakers back, also guys, dont update to mp4 or else you get speakers that are worse than S21

j.r.5, 03 Oct 2021No Google Apps??!! Is it true?! Anyone??!! I have just purchased the phone (from Amazon.it) and I can confirm that the phone in question comes with the google play store installed by default. However, not all of the google apps are installed (so some of them, like for example play games app) have to be downloaded. Worst case scenario : it is always possible to install the google play store with an .apk (if it is not locked in your region).

  • j.r.5

No Google Apps??!! Is it true?! Anyone??!!

  • bald

is it just me or does the screen recorder sometines have error? example, i was recording pubg then when i went to see the vid, theres no ingame sound but i already set it to system sound. same goes with genshin, while i was recording, theres no ingame sound and i keep going out from the app

  • carlos

Max, 07 Apr 2021The best screen and performance is the black shark 4 but F3... morewhat are you talking about? BS4 and F3 both exactly have the same camera modules.

  • Wews

EdgarRD, 07 Sep 2021Poco f3 or Black Shark 4???if gaming, black shark 4. Both of them have good cameras and bs 4 has faster charging

  • that guy

dont worry guys, pubg just updated today and there is 90 fps option unlock already (ofc without config or any files)

Phone Reviewer, 01 Aug 2021Why is snapdragon 888 so important again? Snapdragon 870 is... moreSD 888 may be the flagship processor in 2021 but the overheating is too much due to powerful performance, 870 is much better option because it's much more balance.

  • Evassiin

nickv, 08 Sep 2021is it true there is no Google Play Service in this phone? I cant Pay with It using credit Card.

  • nickv

is it true there is no Google Play Service in this phone?

  • Don

I really don't like the audio jack on this smartphone .. When using 3.5mm earphones .. It's very annoying to get a good grip because the palms are blocked by the audio jack .. And when i want to press the trigger it feels very uncomfortable .. Please next black shark series fixed this issue.. Please put near the trigger button or just make like psp.. Audio jack on bottom.. Really dissapointed..

  • EdgarRD

Poco f3 or Black Shark 4???

Slow motion video at 960FPS is just not working for me. Pressing record and nothing happens. Anyone else? Using global joiUI

Enzza, 04 Sep 2021I don't know how to turn on RGB on the back. Can someo... moreNo such thing on bs4.

There is no rgb lights at the back on the black shark 4 phone.

Black man, 24 Aug 2021Its a shame we Africans cant experiance this great product.... moreThings are so crazily expensive... We just suffer too much

I don't know how to turn on RGB on the back. Can someone help me?

  • Black man

Its a shame we Africans cant experiance this great product.

I hate the fact that im a part of this garbage economy.

Have been waiting since march for this phone eish.😔

  • Anonymous

It would be my cell phone if it had LDAC and input for Micro SD. Looks like it doesn't have bluetooth either 5.2