Xiaomi Black Shark 4

Xiaomi Black Shark 4

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  • Anonymous
  • t7%
  • 09 Mar 2022

BS4 or Redmagic 6R? and why?

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    • Anonymouse
    • RN5
    • 28 Feb 2022

    I was using this device for more than 5 months, Im glad that Ive met this miracle. 4 games GI, PUBG, CODM, PUBG new, even zynga poker. Using it for hours and no heat can be felt, of course there's a certain thing you cant do such as playing it direct from the sun's heat.

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      • Anonymous
      • t7S
      • 30 Jan 2022

      Why my BS 4 has dead spots? did anyone experience this?

        I wonder if a very important question for me is, can I clone Pokemon Go with my phone?
        Unfortunately, I can't find exact information about it anywhere and I'm about to buy it. I asked about the 12 / 256Gb device.

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          • bs4-user042
          • I@a
          • 02 Jan 2022

          j.r.5, 03 Oct 2021No Google Apps??!! Is it true?! Anyone??!! EU version already have Google play.

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            • Anonymous
            • PF5
            • 28 Dec 2021

            how to activate sms positioning?

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              • John Gani
              • I@H
              • 28 Dec 2021

              Bruce, 11 Nov 2021I recommend the black shark 4, i got it 4 months ago and it... moreWhat variant are u using kind Sir?

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                • Anonymous
                • nMX
                • 21 Dec 2021

                Franco, 17 Dec 2021Please i want an opinion on bs4. I am a codm player and I ... morenope, my friend

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                  • Franco
                  • pVk
                  • 17 Dec 2021

                  Please i want an opinion on bs4. I am a codm player and I want to know if the phone overheats without a cooler

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                    • UNA
                    • 09 Dec 2021

                    BS4 User, 20 Nov 2021how to turn on the triangle light at the back ?The pro version has this version dont have RGB lights

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                      • shiny
                      • ijs
                      • 21 Nov 2021

                      is it normal that when using the built in recording the sound is louder than usual?

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                        • BS4 User
                        • tZ0
                        • 20 Nov 2021

                        how to turn on the triangle light at the back ?

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                          • Ceyfron
                          • x7A
                          • 15 Nov 2021

                          IcEMInTz, 15 Nov 2021What is the best phone for black shark 4 vs 4s vs 4s pro? I... more4s and 4s pro are best

                            What is the best phone for black shark 4 vs 4s vs 4s pro? I heard snapdragon 888 will overheat is that true?

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                              • IcEMInTz
                              • tVp
                              • 15 Nov 2021

                              Which is the best phone among black shark 4 vs 4s vs 4pro? I heard that snapdragon 888 will overheat is that true

                                Ceyfron, 07 Nov 2021I'm in doubt between Black Shark 4 and GT Neo 2, which... moreBlack shark 4 both hands 👆🏼 . Screen is fire, gaming apps are nuts and charging with 120W in no time 💪🏼😬💪🏼

                                  Ceyfron, 13 Nov 2021Is Black shark 4's screen fragile?Not at all, also default protection screen film still stands in its place, and I got two glass protectors in boxes still waiting lol..

                                    bald, 30 Sep 2021is it just me or does the screen recorder sometines have er... moreMine works fine but tor shorter vids, I'm assuming you're recoding longer videos 🤔

                                      Don, 08 Sep 2021I really don't like the audio jack on this smartphone ... moreTrue, also any bike holders grip your phone in the middle, with the power and volume buttons RIGHT in the middle, it's quite a bummer.. Or install your fan in the back? And there's no access to volume and power buttons at all.. 🤣
                                      But yeah, use the friggin bumpers for anything useful - no way Jose, they gotta be double pressed.. Useless people in their R&D Quarter I think.

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                                        • Ceyfron
                                        • x7A
                                        • 13 Nov 2021

                                        Is Black shark 4's screen fragile?