Xiaomi enters the gaming laptop market with GTX 1060 Mi Gaming Laptop

Ivan, 27 March 2018

It seems Xiaomi is keen to produce every type of hardware you can think of, now adding a gaming laptop to its roster of devices.

The aptly named Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is the company's first foray into performance laptops - up until now Xiaomi has only made 12.5-icnh, 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch ultrabooks.

The Mi Gaming Laptop is a 15.6-inch device with a 7th gen Intel Core i7 or i5 CPU, a 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD and either an Nvidia GTX 1060 or an Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti. The more capable i7/GTX1060 model comes with 16GB of RAM, while the i5/1050Ti units will have 8GB.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop
Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop

Xiaomi heaped praise on the Mi Gaming Laptop's cooling system, saying it will be coolest high performance laptop on the market. There's even a hotkey for something called "turbo cooling". That cooling comes at the expense of weight - the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop weighs a pigly 2.7kg - that's quite a lot more than contemporary rivals from Asus or MSI.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop
Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop

Gamers will appreciate the RGB keyboard (with four customizable zones) and 5 programmable macro keys.

You'll be able to order the Mi Gaming Laptop starting on April 13 but it will be a mainland China exclusive at the start. The 16GB of RAM + GTX 1060 model will cost RMB 8,999 (€1150) while the 8GB of RAM + 1050 Ti model will be just RMB 5,999 (€770).


Reader comments

Now that Coffee Lake H series has launced we know it's considerably faster. I ran some benchmarks and I'm getting 50% better scores in multicore tests. Those extra cores and threads are a great improvement

Wtf is wrong with them. The 8th gen H series processors have launched literally days after the launch of the Mi Gaming Laptops lineup. Xiaomi better update their lineups with the new processors to stay in the game as their laptops are already overpri...

  • Anonymous
  • 28 Mar 2018
  • Ace

it seems like you're also paying for the sleek design.

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