Xiaomi launches Mi A2 in India, our video review is up

Ivan, 08 August 2018

We knew this was coming - Xiaomi just announced the Mi A2 for the Indian market.

And to commemorate the occasion we've prepared our very own, detailed video review of the Xiaomi Mi A2. In it, you'll find out about the battery life, how good the cameras are, the display, the software, the lot. Check it out.

Xiaomi will hold the first Mi A2 sale in India on August 16 at noon. The device will be available through Mi.com, Amazon India, Mi Home, through preferred partner stores and with special offers from Jio.

The price for the 4GB/64GB model is INR 16,999 (or around €215) with the more premium 6GB/128GB model coming later.

You may find our full written review helpful too.


Reader comments

  • sou1394

Most of don't understand that at this price range no one as yet gave a snapdragon 660 or such great camera modules and stock android with 2 years support...those who are telling they should have given headphone and expandable memory...they should rea...

  • Anonymous

Yep one of the best selling mobile in India

  • Anonymous

But you are not satisfied with the price of mi a2 with SD660 processor

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