Xiaomi Mi 10 5G

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G

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  • Anonymous

Curved screen?! Really?! I was going to buy this but now I'm NOT. Thanks xiaomi for ruining the phone

  • Djvalo

Niam, 13 Feb 2020No ip rating???requires money for certification

Xiaomi! We want new color variants same like did Samsung today with his S20 series! Xiaomi, look and learn, that's the way! We don't want that ugly disgusting light pastel not vivid colors 🤮
https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s20_and_s20_get_new_color_options_before_release-news-41518.php and please also don't forget add yet real black variant for both versions!

  • Anonymous

Better than exynos 990 😆

  • Joris

Alex 94, 13 Feb 2020Xiaomi did it again. Flagship device for 530€. Great job.It's the price without taxes, in europe, the phone will cost like 750 euros...

  • Niam

No ip rating???

Xiaomi did it again. Flagship device for 530€. Great job.

MKA RASEL, 13 Feb 2020No telephoto cam? No IP68 rating again? No 3.5 mm headphone... moreGet ip,3.5 Jack and telephoto for double the price,if u think that's worth it.

  • Anonymous

Samsung S10 now with the same price......and go for a real flagship.

  • AnonD-874772

The phone is a give away for the price.


No telephoto cam? No IP68 rating again? No 3.5 mm headphone jack. With these specifications, flat screen would be better choice of 400 usd price. Mi 10 not a game changer.

  • Dc

There is no Se edition ????

  • Lboy

Resolution is not good it's not even reached 403 ppi also there's camera on the middle of the screen pro version should reach 500 ppi and above also with pop-up camera not having much difference between pro and non pro except camera also it's not mentioned weather it's LPDDR5 ram or 4x ram

  • dave

3rd is depth camera
4th is macro camera

  • Yo

This is xiaomi tab mi 10 162mm ^^