Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G

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  • Dan

Mi 10T Lite 5G, Redmi 10X, or Realme 7 5G?

  • sq2013

A friend ordered this for me as a Xmas present and I got it today. I told her that I liked the phone but didn't expect her to buy it for me but after a few hours, I have to say what a phone this is. It's a pleasure to use. It's really quick. It feels powerful. Yes, it's very large and it's very heavy. But I love the huge screen for media consumption. The screen is not an amoled but very, very good. The battery seems good and the charging speed is like nothing I have ever seen before. I put it on charge at about 15 percent. I just forgot about it a few minutes, I went back about 15 minutes later and it was on 45 percent. It's ridiculously good. I really love the miui overhaul on miui 12. It has built in alexa as well but miui with the control center is very like the iPhone. I love the control center on iPhone but never got one because I'm idealogically opposed to Apple in many respects. This phone really has it all and it's very affordable. It's under 250. You can't go wrong. It's powerful so gaming is not a problem. It's got a very big battery and an efficient and powerful chipset with the Snapdragon 750g while it also supports 5g
It's dual sim and although I only took a quick look, it seems to have an sd card slot. If there's a better phone at this price, I have yet to hear of it. Absolute bargain. I have not tried the quick screen refresh rate yet as I have heard of and experienced serious battery drain when I used this on my previous Vivo iqoo z1. It also has NFC. Also, a major issue on the Vivo was preinstalled apps and adware. This is not pure android like the pixel but it feels close. It does not feel like miui is overpowering the android experience but actually complementing it and even enhancing it.

  • Emer

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2020Hi. Is it available in UAE? When & Where? ThanksIts available at NOON, here in KSA, it priced at 1199 SAR

  • Anonymous

review: after a week of use.
cons: on 120hz the 4820 battery is on par with 60hz 4500 mah, miui is good but not great. gboard lags a bit, there are lags here and there. 120hz is barely noticeble. light sensor requires smoother brightness transitions, and needs to learn from user setting it manually. not much camera improvement over the previous configuration 64 mp config. radio connection over wifi and data is not that great, but not too bad either. some issues with dark mode overlay in certain apps. transffer between phones is easy with mi-mover, but google does do a good job too.
good geekbench scores, good antutu scores. solid midranger. z-axis vibrator motor is great. variety of themes for miui is good. display is a bit better than previus generation overall, coupled with 120 hz display, solid resolution and good execution the panel won't make you moss amoled too much most of the time. glass back and front make for a more premium feel. the plastic frame is well executed and feels good. dual speakers offer a good rich sound, you don't need headphones most of the time. included apps are useful, music app helps you take pieces of mp3 songs and set them as ringtones. file operations are quite snappy. included case should last about 5-6 months before it changes color and needs replacement with a bumper or some other protection along with maybe glass screen protector. also comes with plastic screen protector from tye factory. large enough, well distributed weight doesn't feel as compact as note 8 pro, but does have better acoustics, and it is a good trade-off. doesn't feel heavy although it is. the 16 mp front camera handles video calls quite good. in call sound is very good as well as recorded videos and sounds. there is a good amount of stabilization from the front sensor. back flash has dual tone. poco x3 nfc camera arrangement is better though. beats the crap out of samsung at this price point. excessive commercials can be disabeled with a bit of tinkering for a while. over the earphone sound quality is good, a bit better than other phones almost on par with zte axon 7. did not test gps drain, but redmi note 8 pro with g90t got me 400 km with 15% battery drain, which was far better than all other gps phones i used. the included brick charges the phone in about one hour even under that to full. side mointed fingerprint is quick as anything you've probably used before, has good placemet and is very useful if you place the phone on a flat surface and just want to screw around with it. heat is not much issue if you don't charge it under a pillow or something, it does heat up when you charge and use it at the same time but nothing out of the ordinary. xiaomi's miui is good but needs a lot of work still. get used to frequent updates ( a good thing) software support is good. has built in feedback app which i encourage everyone to use amd provide feedback on any issue they encounter. they do listen every once in a while. notification led is nothing great, just one color, but functional. not too bright not too faded hidden in the earpiece. good design and buld quality overall. camera module placement makes the phone stable on a flat surface, better then phones with camera modules that are placed on the side and worse... narrow.
tweak every aspect of the phone before you use it. set the adaptive 120 hz rate. adjust the colors, tweak the aps, settings, themes, font size and so on. it will be worth it in the long run. for about 300 euros there is not much else you can buy that is better at this time. whatever phone you buy get the 128 gb version at least and 6 gb of ram. anything lower will be a pain.

  • Lee

W, 09 Dec 2020Hey, thinking of buying this phone as a present. Would some... moreGreat phone. Great battery, charging is silly fast, cameras good but not brilliant but I'm coming from high end phone but they're perfectly fine, great smooth screen, good speakers (as good as any) - the list goes on. It's a little heavy but you get used to that after a day.

  • Anonymous


Is it available in UAE? When & Where?


  • Anonymous

W, 09 Dec 2020Hey, thinking of buying this phone as a present. Would some... moreI'm not a camera guy, sorry, I have the phone, and to me the camera is a solid 8/10

  • clinnyb

does it take an external sd card?

  • W

Hey, thinking of buying this phone as a present. Would someone, kindly, quickly review the camera of this phone? The person I am getting this present to would like a nice camera phone and this is the best I could find, at this price range. Are there better alternatives out there or is this the one I should be getting?

I appreciate any help!

  • yenrod

Gt89, 06 Dec 2020Hi. I have a question to ask. Is dimming around the sid... moreYes I feel it's normal, I have it very slightly on mine too...like you

  • Gt89

Does anyone who has this phone have the same speaker grill. It's like the holes on the left side are covered whereas the rest are not.

Is that the same with other people's models?

  • abul

this or poco x3

  • Gt89


I have a question to ask. Is dimming around the side and camera hole normal? Its only really noticeable on a white background.

  • Fiifi

You guys haven't uploaded a video in weeks, I'm really looking forward to your video review on the mi10t lite and others...

  • Anonymous

JohnnyG, 03 Nov 2020Are you kidding, LCD better than AMOLED ??! It seems that y... moreListen chill out it is all a matter of opinion,AMOLED or LCD whatever is better is opinion not actual fact. Stop having a go at people just because they like something better. I have the Mi 10 T Pro and trust me the LCD on that phone is stunning,bright,sharp and very saturated and even viewing angles are excellent. Xiaomi did an excellent job with it. Yeah blacks aren't as deep as AMOLEd blah blah blah but that does not matter to many people,who cars it's just a screen

  • Ed

Martin, 28 Nov 2020Can sombody confirm, does this phone have FM radio? Yes - it has an FM Radio app. You need to plug in wired headphones to use it though.

  • JC14

At Banggood.....why is the the 6GB 128GB Global EU version of this phone $5 cheaper than the 6GB 64GB version of the same phone? Also, the 64GB are sold out....the 128GB are not.

  • Marg

Does it have a notification LED?
Is it splash proof or IP53 like the poco X3?
Which one has better camera, the poco X3 or Mi 10t lite?

  • Mantinx

I've been using this phone for just 1 week and, so far, I'm very happy with it.

Xiaomi has been crushing it from their very beginnings not so long ago, but with this Mi 10t Lite they have exceeded my expectations. Honestly, this is as good as it gets in this price range: large battery, high display refresh rate, powerful yet energy efficient CPU, 6Gb RAM (which is more than enough), 64Gb storage + microSD slot, USB-C ultra-fast 33w charge (charger included), finger print and face recognition unlock function, Gorilla glass front and back, 3.5mm audio jack, NFC, Bluetooth, IR blaster and, yes indeed, 5G, which is crazy for a 200 GBP phone. It also support voLTE and voWiFi, which was something very important for me. The overall materials and body finish are excellent. Really feels premium in your hand and it also looks the part. Mine is "pearl grey", which is dark grey with a blue-ish hue to it. Silicone case included, and a screen protection sheet is preinstalled for extra protection.

  • Anonymous

Should we just wait for the Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G since it's basically the same phone and will probably be cheaper?