Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

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  • Issam

AmitBhalerao, 06 Mar 2021I want a phone with good camera. Should I buy Mi 10T Pro or... moreDon't buy it then. Indoor pics are horrible

  • Den

Shiro, 21 Jan 2021Mi 10T Pro become too hot while playing Genshin Impact. Any... moreJust use medium setting and 30fps

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2021I compared my galaxy note 5 amoled screen with a friend... moreips panel of mi10t is far far better than the ips of your friends redmi 9. if you would compare mi10t ips, you would get different result for sure

  • Deralik

Why i cant copy or paste a word or id in my mobile legend and my pes2021.. i already press long but not available paste option.. but for youtube, browser and other apps still have an option.. but in game apps doesnt work

  • Anonymous

Zeus, 05 Mar 2021You are actually wrong! Burn-in effect occurs when you keep... moreBurn-in happens in OLED/Amoled panel display but it is impossible to happen in IPS LCD panel display

  • Janjan

hakashi, 01 Mar 2021Has anyone expirienced a little slowdown and lagging in tra... moreThat's my very complain from the beginning and reported this already many times, still the same and not being fix. Reason is because the camera can only perform a maximum of 60fps so it is noticeable when swiping up going to home screen while on camera, there is a choppy animation. I thought I'm the only one who notices this

I want a phone with good camera. Should I buy Mi 10T Pro or some other phone if my max budget is 40k INR?

  • Zeus

X Tech, 15 Sep 2020I definitely prefer LCD over OLED, because of a very widesp... moreYou are actually wrong! Burn-in effect occurs when you keep your phone on displaying the same image for a long time.

I got Android 11 update just two days ago in Croatia. Everything seems right and so far so good, I can't spot any bad things after update. So yeah, go on and update without worrying!

  • Mostafa

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021Mi 10T Pro got the Android 11 stable UK OTA today. 2.8GB 12... moreGood news

  • Anonymous

Mi 10T Pro got the Android 11 stable UK OTA today. 2.8GB RJDEUXM. Sec 2021-01-01

  • hakashi

Has anyone expirienced a little slowdown and lagging in transition and animations while using camera, taking photos and then while you exit camera app and entering at other app on instant I can see a little choppy and delayed animation. I am using a full screen gesture mode all the time ( in example : multitasking with a few 5-6 apps, then enter in camera take a photo then i exit camera and then try to open Chrome and here I can see this above mentioned)? In other situation phone is like a flash , doesn't lag , works perfect and flawlessly. Anyone expirienced something similar?

  • Anonymous

Faaiz, 25 Feb 2021My Phone Mi10t is Getting Hot (Camera Side) When i was Play... morea phone heating up when playing graphic intensive games is completely normal unless we're talking about scalding levels of hot.

  • Faaiz

My Phone Mi10t is Getting Hot (Camera Side) When i was Playing pubg on 90fps
Can someone Help Me out?

After owning a unit for 1 month now, I have to say it is a very powerful abd convenient tool. But there some minor issues I encountered. I am guilty of using my phone while it is charging once in a while, it has been a bad habit of mine for some time now but I only do it seldom. At first my device does not get warm at all when I play games while my phone is plugged in but after some time, even if Im just browsing light apps like for example, viewing text messages etc. My phone gets unbearably hot that's why I try my best to not use it while it is charging. I know it is partly my fault but I have to say, I just bought this phone a month ago and the times I used it while charging were not very often. But there are some noticeable issues already. Second issue I've encountered is regarding the miu interface. I have to admit I am a fan of the miu default setup for being easy to use and fluid. But I still notice minor issues which makes it feel like it's still a work in progress. An example of this is when sometimes I watch youtube videos and I rotate my screen to landscape, sometimes a black punch hole appears out of nowhere therefore making my phone have 2 punch holes on my screen to deal with which is kinda annoying. I hope the issue I mentiones get fixed on future software updates.

  • Greenwich

olusadekola, 18 Feb 2021i totally agree! For a samsung phone, half the price is for... moreI agree with you until your phone has an issue while it is still under warranty. I have been waiting for a week for a delivery Jiffy bag from Xiaomi UK to send my phone for a repair (Xiaomi Mi 8 works only when airplane mode is enabled) . When I had an issue with my Samsung galaxy watch, DPD came next day to pick it up for a repair. Xiaomi offers reasonable price, good specs but horrible after sale service. It's good option if you change your phone every year but not ideal for long term use.
Note: I have never had Samsung phone.

  • mi 10t pro user

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2021why the heck are you playing the lite version when this pho... moreHahaha tell him, really its crazy... I run pubgm at max and he is having a problems with lite lol

Why they don't use the screen from the redmi k30 ultra?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2021Mi 10 T pro have 865 processor but you can't play pubg... morewhy the heck are you playing the lite version when this phone can easily run pubgm at max? maybe your Mi 10t pro got insulted and is intentionally making your gaming experience shitty just to spite you.

  • Nxxh

Darwin, 20 Feb 2021Why is the voice changer in game turbo not working? Does an... moreYes I have the same problem I think it's most propably for recording n not for live session but I have same issue