Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

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I am warning everyone please don't buy this phone it have big problem about overheating to 130C-113C plus the phone keeps hot even after you turn it off no solution can help this phone fault remind us by the problem of LG V10 bootloop and overheating issue . Stay away from this phone or sell it better.

  • Anonymous

I like this phone very much!! It's just that it has a little weight compared to my previous phone. The file can be pretty large when you record on 8k or capture a video on 108 which is totally understandable.

For it's price, I can't complain that much because you got what you paid for. Unless you really want A VERY VERY GOOD and flawless phon3le for a VERY CHEAP price, then wake up lol. This phone is giving it's best to provide higher specs at a cheaper price.

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2021But not it's not the first phone to remove the headpho... moreits really just common knowledge at this point

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2021No 3.5 mm headphone jack.. Its disappointment But not it's not the first phone to remove the headphone jack. Most flagship phones nowadays doesn't have one

This phone doesn't have a proximity sensor. It emulates it via ultrasound which only works half the time. Buyer beware.

  • Anonymous

phone heats up very easily but i think its normal for a flagship chipset
if u want a gaming phone that doesn't heat up find a better one that has a good cooling system

confused, 27 Mar 2021can anyone help ?! ....is mi 10t a heavy phone should I go ... moreIts Heavy! It's bulky. It's big. Look for something like the Mi 9 lite

Its a heavy phone.! The MIUI interface is pure waste of resources.The Global version has no call recording built in. The UI is buggy. The fact that the screen is IPS and not always on is AMOLED is a disadvantage as well.The fingerprint scanner is sluggish as well ( We have 3 phones in the family all the same model. all same issues).Taking pictures or video with 108MP is insane as the file is huge so unless you wish to fine print something its a waste of money to invest in this phone for the 108MP camera. All in all its the first time i regret buying a phone. Would have preferred the the Mi9 lite , my advice to you is: What do you need the phone for.!Think carefully where and when you are going to use it the most.

  • your worst nightmare

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2021Yes. Because it is pure metallic phone unlike the Poco f3 i... moreuhm no the f3 has an aluminum frame and a glass back

  • chedreus

10T PRO n F3 which u guys recommend?

  • Anonymous

confused, 27 Mar 2021can anyone help ?! ....is mi 10t a heavy phone should I go ... moreYes. Because it is pure metallic phone unlike the Poco f3 is pure plastic easily to bend

  • Anonymous

A very nice phone until a careless update (Miui got released from Xiaomi which was a disaster....
It has been a childish attempt like: Hurray we are on android 11 too...!!!
Among others reported bugs 2 examples:
First, they have not checked the main feature of a phone... To make and "End" Phone calls.... The "end" button does not respond sometimes. Randomly.
I've seen this reported in several discussions and no response from support.

Second, after the update to SECOND SPACE broke..!!
The option to add and remove files disappeared.
A bad surprise, as the only option given, for the data you had saved in second space is to DELETE..
The import export option for files just vanished.

We can only hope that Miui 12.5 will make the Mi 10t Pro a descent Phone as it is an excellent hardware.

  • Anonymous

confused, 27 Mar 2021can anyone help ?! ....is mi 10t a heavy phone should I go ... moreIt's a bit heavy but you'll get used to it

  • Mostafa

confused, 27 Mar 2021can anyone help ?! ....is mi 10t a heavy phone should I go ... moreI had it with ringke armor case and the its heavy phone but you can't feel beacuse weight is distributed well

  • Anonymous

No 3.5 mm headphone jack.. Its disappointment

  • confused

can anyone help ?! ....is mi 10t a heavy phone should I go for mi 11 or poco F3 instead ?? but mi 11 overheats and it's battery life sucks according to some reviewers my only problem with mi10t is It's weight

  • Rean

why do mi 10t series don't have stand alone 5g? only NSA. does it activate with software or it is a hardware solution? thanks. I saw that mi 10t lite has 5G SA/NSA,sub6ghz support and the top models haven't?

  • Mostafa

Niharika , 26 Mar 2021Same problem ...software problems after the update It's recommend to do factory reset after every major update

  • Amand

There is a lot of eye strain and headache caused by the screen. After only 5 minutes you begin to feel it. I don't know if it is Xiaomi in particular but I noticed the same thing with the samsung 120 Hz displays. Be aware! If you test in the showroom you won't notice it because of the bright lights above the ceiling but once you reach a normal room you'll definitely see what i'm talking about.

  • Niharika

Jonny, 15 Mar 2021My Mi 10T shuts the screen by itself after android 11 updat... moreSame problem ...software problems after the update