Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

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Why is this more expensive than the superior K40.

Finally , the best phone to buy ! Thanks for your review gsm

  • Sarkirssian

Do you all change phones every 3 days? Lot money here...

Mimama, 12 Apr 2021Personally, I would go for Mi11 Lite due to the slimness an... more100% agree with you. This is what i have been saying all along that this phone is better than poco f3 and any redmi device. We also need to consider that poco nor redmi devices can never enjoy the level of software polishing especially in the camera that mi devices have. Mi devices are always number 1 priority to xiaomi and they get updates faster too. I am a mi 10 lite and redmi note 8 pro user.

  • Mimama

catelinecz, 06 Apr 2021Redmi Note 10 Pro or Mi 11 Lite 5G and why? :DPersonally, I would go for Mi11 Lite due to the slimness and lightweight. As someone who always change phone cases, thinner devices are for fun to do so.... I had the Poco X3 NFC and I can tell you that the phone is really thick after slapping case onto and I hate it when there is bulk in the pocket. Had I not ordered the Poco F3 I would had highly considered this purely due to its design. RN10Pro seem to have similar dimensions with the chunky Poco X3.

Mi11 Lite camera megapixels may be inferior to RN10Pro, but since newer processors usually have better ISP, and unless you always go 108mp shots you will get better if not similar image quality from your shots.

Mi11 Lite Antutu scores basically outperform the SD 855+ and 860, has Adreno642 GPU that is also slightly better than the Adreno640 that the SD855 to 860 had. You wil have much pleasant experience gaming for long term than using the SD732G; which imo isn't really good - hence I sold off my Poco X3 NFC. The 5mm nanometer process will be great for prolonged on screen users as it translates to lower battery consumption.

The downside of this phone is likely the lack of liquid cooling and headphone jack, but this device has fantastic screen and has SD Card support. Many would say Mi11 Lite has smaller battery but I will tell you, it makes less difference with the 5mm processor. And with 5g support you are basically future proofing yourself.

Mi11 Lite is basically the most balanced midranger that has best value for money for the moment.

  • Anonymous

Wake up GSM Arena and do the review ASAP please

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2021Poco f3If you care about camera quality: Redmi note 10 pro. If you care about gaming: Poco F3. If you want a little bit of everything: Mi 11 Lite 5G.

  • Holger

Finally a sleek and not one of these oversized designs from Xiaomi. If the camera performs well it's certainly a hot sell.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Mi 11 Lite 5g, Poco F3 or Redmi Note 10 Pro ?? Go !!Poco f3

Post your review already 😂

  • Anonymous

Mi 11 Lite 5g, Poco F3 or Redmi Note 10 Pro ?? Go !!

  • Anonymous

Dilyan, 04 Apr 2021cmon gsmarena i need review within couple days!!Gsmarena, 577832 people are waiting for the review I counted them all

  • ed

Spanky, 06 Apr 2021I’m not complaining about getting a free screen protector. ... morethis guy is a joke

  • Sergio

Can anyone confirm that the global version has sd card support?
Otherwise, the phone seems to be a beast overall..

Goxy, 06 Apr 2021Side mounted fingerprint reader is maybe not the best optio... moreMy Mi 10 Lite 5G has the fingerprint scanner under the screen and I have no complaints about its speed or reliability. In fact, it’s very pleasant and natural to use.

Also, with regards to the screen protector discussion: the Mi 10 Lite 5G has the screen protector factory installed, as it should be.

miui, 06 Apr 2021Now you are complaining about getting a free screen protect... moreI’m not complaining about getting a free screen protector. I am complaining about the fact that they didn’t install it in the factory, where they have industrial equipment to do it exceptionally (and they DO install the screen protectors in the factory, for most of their phones, even entry-level ones). No matter now much you try, you can NEVER manually apply a screen protector perfectly and without catching dust between the screen and the protector. I want a screen protector, but a non-installed one is useless to me.

  • catelinecz

Redmi Note 10 Pro or Mi 11 Lite 5G and why? :D

  • Anonymous

🤦‍♂️This isn't the regular 64 Mp camera which uses four 0.8um pixels to form one 1.6um pixel (i.e 64 to 16mp)

This uses four 0.7um to form one 1.4um pixel
This probably performs worse than the 48Mp Sony imx on the k40/poco f3 and poco x3 pro especially in low light ...
This camera is a brainwash in the name of 64 Mp.. Should've continued with 48 mp on this phone too.

Was thinking of getting this phone as alternative to k40 but this sensor doesn't make it worth it as now it's down on performance as well as camera

  • Ashwani

There is no head phone jack.

hello guys i have noted there is no 3.5mm jack but you get a type c to 3.5mm dongle in the box...most importantly does this phone have FM RADIO?