Xiaomi Mi 11 tipped to launch in January 2021

Ro, 30 November 2020

It seems that most of the manufacturers are planning early releases for their flagship devices next year. Samsung is expected to deliver its Galaxy S21 lineup in January and OnePlus is said to release the OnePlus 9 family in March instead of April. Now we hear a similar report on Xiaomi.

According to a very reputable Chinese tipster, Xiaomi wants to release its Mi 11 series as early as "next month". And since November is almost over, he probably meant January instead of December. Besides, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 875 chipset is supposed to arrive in December and it will surely power up Xiaomi's Mi 11.

As for now, we only have limited information about the Mi 11 Pro, which will sport a 120Hz QHD+ display. A 50MP main and 12MP telephoto cameras are also expected to make an appearance on the 11 Pro.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

See the other reply. What you said is not right. Just load in filmic pro. Software, does most all of it. Cost, over millions of Xiaomi units in their range, less than a $1. Filmic aren't even in charge of the firmware and camera support, ot...

  • Anonymous

The poster was obnoxious, and sticking up for him doesn't help. Atomised over every model, those features are less than $1 worth, it's mainly software code adjustments, and some firmware code. You can buy a better pro cinema camera fo...

  • eaJ

Xiaomi's video capabilities are pretty good. Not to the extremely high expectations you have, that actually "means something" to you, and not at the Apple or Sony level, but it's still great. You want a good video phone? Buy ...

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