Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

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  • 03 Apr 2021

techx753, 01 Apr 2021i've seen the unboxing of Mi 11 pro, the back looks gl... morethe purple color is matte

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    • XWj
    • 03 Apr 2021

    Are they using gold Gpu

      awsome phone for the price

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        • HeyYo
        • Mu8
        • 02 Apr 2021

        Well, USB Type-C 2.0, this is too cool.

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          • techx753
          • N1L
          • 01 Apr 2021

          i've seen the unboxing of Mi 11 pro, the back looks glossy.. i would have preferred the matte color unveiled in official images (like mi 11) rather than this cheesy look.. i can't believe Xiaomi made the back of Mi 11 better then pro version -_-

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            • dar
            • DWe
            • 01 Apr 2021

            Why this model is china only?
            It's really disappointing!
            I would prefer this pro model instead of ultra.

            Yeah ultra is much cooler and it has great zoom and ultrawide lens but I don't really need them.
            Going with a smaller camera cutout and a lighter phone is better for me.

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              • J7S
              • 01 Apr 2021

              I liked all the specs but hated all the colors.

                Akira, 01 Apr 2021But are periscopes good at taking portraits with good depth... moreUsing 120mm equivalent for portraits isn't ideal.

                The large sensor should offer very good depth of field and natural bokeh in the background of the subject.

                Distance + cropping won't exactly give equal focal length as 50mm, but good enough for smartphone photography until even better sensors are used for tele, or true optical zoom comes into play. Most current 2x Tele only shine in daylight.

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                  • Akira
                  • xv%
                  • 01 Apr 2021

                  Marco M, 31 Mar 2021Not really. A smaller main camera sensor on the Mi 10 Pro, ... moreBut are periscopes good at taking portraits with good depth of field? That's what the 2x tele on the Mi 10 Pro was for.

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                    • Dp09
                    • XPP
                    • 31 Mar 2021

                    Will Mi 11 Pro come to India? Let me know guys if anyone has information on this. I would love to buy this one. Otherwise I'm settling with Redmi Note 10 Pro, because I don't se any good phones in the Mi line-up for India.

                      Robot 66, 30 Mar 2021*long rant post* After 5 years with Xiaomi, and after co... moreFair enough, but then u should not buy samsung neither, holy mloy, ads freaking Bixby and scam... Never ending story.
                      I was finished with Samsung, but was the stupid to buy Tab S7+ for my self and the Tab S7 for my wife. First time ever I'm getting so tired of all this bloat 😳

                        Is this the global launch varient?, I'm looking to move to xiaomi and I'm using a huawei nova 3i. What is your take on the ui. Dies it slow down after some time and is the ram consumption more with mi ui?

                          Clau, 30 Mar 2021The cameras of Mi 10 Pro seem better on paper than Mi 11 Pr... moreNot really. A smaller main camera sensor on the Mi 10 Pro, with higher resolution. Not really very usable in 108MP mode, and only bins to 1.6µm in 27MP. Great for daylight, not for low light.

                          The Mi 11 pro has the superior main sensor on paper, and most likely in usage as well. 1.4µm pixel size to capture massive 50MP shots in daylight and binning to 2.8µm for low light. This should easily outperform its predecessor.

                          The 12 MP telephoto of the Mi 10 pro was also not very useful, due to its main sensor doing a just as good of a job when cropped in.

                          The periscope camera also seems better setup in the mi 11 Pro. 5x optical instead of 3.7x optical and 5x hybrid.

                            oh look a phone that can record 60fps on the front facing camera... focus on the front cameras too Xiaomi, its not only about the back cameras

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                              • Robot 66
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                              • 30 Mar 2021

                              FRDMST, 30 Mar 2021There are numerous ways to upgrade your phone, and you can ... moreYou see, for an example a 90hz refresh oled display with 800-1200nits is good enough for me, higher end snapdragon 7xx series is also good enough. UFS 3.0 again good enough instead 3.1 , gorilla glass 5 instead of the latest. However when you want nice camera with good sensor, it's getting really complicated. A lot of people don't realize that high resolution crop ≠ optical zoom, because the distortion compressing is completely different. My point is I'm just looking for a reasonable device providing reasonable specs and respecting their customers with fair pricing and Xiaomi was all about that until lasts 2 years in my opinion.

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                                • Begjay
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                                • 30 Mar 2021

                                Hanif Fikri, 30 Mar 2021Still the price on par on Galaxy s21+.. For me better go fo... moreLike in my country Samsung phone always drop after a year and I agree with the second value

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                                  • Fernas
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                                  • 30 Mar 2021

                                  Anonymous, 30 Mar 2021The non-Pro Mi 11 is priced (currently) everywhere in Europ... moreIts more than that imo, its brand percepcion, at least for me i dont feel like paying 1200usd for the Mi 11 Ultra, is it a great phone? yes it is, but its not a Samsung, that phone will lost its value quite fast, specially with how often Xiaomi relases new phones, even if they are not all flagships, also it wont be 1200usd to the final user, that sounds like CN price.

                                    For everyone here talking about the price of this phone in Euros, it is going to be a China only phone.

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                                      • Kochu Vinu
                                      • 6p2
                                      • 30 Mar 2021

                                      This phone have dolby atmos .

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                                        • 353
                                        • 30 Mar 2021

                                        Anonymous, 30 Mar 2021Upto 740 EuroIn china maybe. But thats not relevant.