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  • Anonymous

Ritz 007, 25 Apr 2021My main gripe is to do with the Camera in comparison to S21... moreStop judging camera quality unless you have tested it with miui 12.5.
All these guys testing with old software based on miui 12

  • Anonymous

Ritz 007, 25 Apr 2021Well, I never mentioned on my post that I did use the phone... moreGood job judging miui inside 11 ultra based on its performance on redmi note 4.
I bet the s21 ultra one ui experience is same as Galaxy a22.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021Yeah with cheating benchmark, overheating and and ads that ... moreHaha salty iPhone hater in panic mode as his iPhone 13 won't match up to this ultra

  • Anonymous

TUTOO, 25 Apr 2021I agree.. Xiaomi gonna be 1st within next couple of years..... moreYeah with cheating benchmark, overheating and and ads that added to there crappy skin to reduce cost don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra excels at shooting video, especially night time. See a comparison of the two in the video. Xiaomi 10 Ultra is a smaller sensor, but it is better by a noticeable difference in videography, especially at night

  • KyoKusanagi

Anon Pro, 23 Apr 202167 watt can degrade the battery but as much ik Xiaomi is us... moreMi 11 Ultra has two separate batteries.. what if one of the batteries dies at the course of it's life? What now.. how will the phone operate? We all know that using fast charging especially at 65w - 120w everyday will degrade battery overtime no what gimmickry they do.. it's just a matter of when. We all started using phones when fast charging wasn't "in" yet , I mean when android started years ago,, that feature wasn't there yet. I don't know why people are touting having a super fast charger is a big plus, i mean we know it is, but we should also know the impact it will have on the years to come. I live in the US and currently using an S21 Ultra. I only need the the fast and super fast charging when i need the extra juice to charge my phone quickly if the need arises.. but I normally use the regular charger speed and a 10 watt wireless charging for my needs everyday. Camera is of no importance to me.. both phones do great on photos and videos with their own settings and lenses and trickery. When I use my phone for photos, I know it will give me a very good result regardless of color , sharpness, saturation and etc. I'm just astounded that the Mi 11 Ultra's camera came from samsung and sony, no wonder it shows good photos. It's just so ironic the people and reviewers are blown away by this phone's camera shots, realizing that it's camera came from two different companies. Personally speaking, for me,a Flagship phone especially touted as Ultra, camera should be made "in-house" , in Xiaomi's case, by their own R&D and not relying from other companies. Just imagine people, if Xiaomi developed their "own" camera for the Mi 11 Ultra w/o the help of Samsung or Sony, that's the only time we will see who is the camera king.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021It is a water proof phone. How can it come with audio jack.... moreMy main gripe is to do with the Camera in comparison to S21 Ultra and how Xiaomi is kinda misleading us to some extent that it is the 'absolute best Camera ever in every regard'.
But nonetheless, I am still impressed by the competitive price of the Mi 11 Ultra here in India as I mentioned before

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021It is a water proof phone. How can it come with audio jack.... moreSony Xperia 1 iii has IP68 Water proofing and still has a "Headphone Jack". So does LG V60 and Most other Sony & LG Flagships with water proofing. Do some research at least before replying.

"The user interface is unmatchable" - you're joking right?! And now I would like to ask you the same question, have you used the Mi 11 Ultra phone already?! How can MIUI compare to Oxygen OS, Pixel's Stock UI, Nokia's UI, Moto's UI..... MIUI is just not meant for Flagships with its minor ads, excessive bloatware and spammy notifications, especially that annoying GetApps.

I did mention about the selfie via secondary display situation on my post. It would have been nice if Xiaomi provided that option for the users to choose between selfie via secondary display or via a Better, more capable Front Camera using the larger front display. Or just completely scraped the secondary display for a Better Front Camera with 4K@60fps recording. Using the Secondary Display - you can take a selfie video for just 15 secs only, cannot take portrait mode/bokeh shots and doesn't work on social media apps. All this lean towards my semi-gimmicky Secondary Display statement that I made before. Again, refer to Mrwhosetheboss's video at 12:13 timestamp. They should have given equal importance to the Front as they did with the Rear cameras.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021" It should have had a 2xOptical Telephoto" Lm... more"*LMAO" -just saying, I know it's a typo error
The sensor you're talking about, the one with 1.4μm pixel size, is a 50MP sensor, not 48.
You can refer to Mrwhosetheboss's video at 10:43 timestamp ( https://youtu.be/nb0BG0ixuQA ), he clearly talks about S21 Ultra being the Zoom Champion, it clearly trumps the Mi 11 Ultra's zooming capabilities by a considerable margin. And this shouldn't be the case, as Xiaomi is advertising this phone as the "World's Biggest Zoom 120X, industry's best", I mean it's literally plastered on top of its camera.
Personally, I would have preferred a more versatile 2xOptical Telephoto + 10xOptical Periscope over only 5xOptical Periscope and the semi gimmicky secondary display. And without this secondary display, the camera bump wouldn't be as big and naturally, would reduce the weight of the phone significantly as well. A seperate 2x Telephoto is necessary for taking much better portrait/bokeh shots over just zooming in 2x via the primary camera.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021"the lacklustre software experience with MIUI" ... moreWell, I never mentioned on my post that I did use the phone and most of the commenters here haven't either, so you don't take anyone's post seriously! My post is not a review or first hand experience, it's just a spec-sheet overview or wishlist, in my opinion/perspective of the phone.

But I am a long-term user of MIUI since 2017 on my old Redmi Note 4. And I have a lot of friends and relatives who use the latest iterations of MIUI and they have shared with me their lackluster experience.

Sig, 24 Apr 2021It is the brand perception. When Nokia was at peak ,the sam... moreI agree.. Xiaomi gonna be 1st within next couple of years... 😌

Aaa aaaand then thay are going to do the same mistake what samsung does..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]What does the place of origin have to do with anything? Of course it has a high price. It's a Premium Flagship Phone and it's top 1 of all the phones in 2021, your bias is showing. Whatever trash phone you got can't compare to this

  • Begjay

[deleted post]This phone is not up to that 1700 dollars price tag the current price is 1100 or 1000 dollar just go to Alibaba and AliExpress

  • Daniel

That Price, 24 Apr 2021Ahwshi! For that price I’ll go with iPhone 12PM design/ cam... moreNo more then your Iphone :))

  • mash130

gp007, 23 Apr 2021s21 ultra may be better in some areas, but xiaomi blows it ... moreBro in india s21ultra is priced at Rs.1,04,000 again mi 11 ultra at Rs. 69,000. Plus its exynos vs snapdragon. Its definately far far better than s21 ultra. S21 ultra has a better camera in some cases but that 34,000 price difference is lot and i feel mi 11 ultra has nailed it with pricing. I dont care how much xiaomi earns with mi 11 ultra but it is better money value than any other flagship currently in the market for normal users.

  • Danvijay

Xiaomi has always given value for money. Their phones have been very sturdy and have lasted s long time. Ultra is the ultimate phone you can have. For the specs it is unmatchable. Samsung & Apple phones for these specs cost over a lakh of rupees. Xiaomi has done a great job with the pricing of the Ultra. I think it will be the largest selling phone in the premium category.

  • Anonymous

Meluto, 24 Apr 2021I need my sd card slot, otherwise it is going to take me a ... moreYou should look at the Xperia 1 III & 5 III, they both have SD card slots.

  • Sig

Aditya Rane, 23 Apr 2021No offence but, should have been 800-850$. Too expensive fo... moreIt is the brand perception. When Nokia was at peak ,the same was happening to Samsung. Now Samsung is doing the same mistake. There is not much of different appeal among the phones. They make huge profit apple and Samsung. Wait for another 5 years Xiaomi will be number one.

  • Sig

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021These Xiaomi Haters are coming out of the woodwork to trash... moreFully agree with you bro. Wide angle lensz is really awesome

  • Anonymous

Ritz 007, 24 Apr 2021The Mi 11 Ultra has launched at a very competitive price of... moreIt is a water proof phone. How can it come with audio jack. The audio experience is unmatchable. The user interface too. Selfie can be taken using the secondary screen though the size is small. I