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234 grams? Jesus. Heavy moth.. f..k.. :D I had before heavy phone (around 220), but not that much. Best weight for Smartphone is below 200 grams (i have 190g phone and it's very nice) - which isn't affecting the hand very fast, after longer 1 handed usage.

  • Oliver

WHY, 19 Aug 2021Is there anyone to explain me, WHY a Flagship Phone is usin... moreThe extra cost for USB 3.0 is not worth it for the manufacturer and ultimately the consumer.

  • Keymaster

WHY, 19 Aug 2021Is there anyone to explain me, WHY a Flagship Phone is usin... moreBattery drains faster

  • WHY

Is there anyone to explain me, WHY a Flagship Phone is using USB-C 2.0 Instead of 3.1

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2021Using this device for almost 2 weeks now. Facing battery dr... moreİ am long time user almost 3 months..
My take on mi 11 ultra is;
Biggest battery drain is due mobile data usage specially 5G..
And try using 1080p instead of 2k..
Location just turn it off if you don't need it..
More or less you may get an extra 1 or 1.5 hour SOT..

  • Anonymous

Using this device for almost 2 weeks now. Facing battery drain issue. Even the battery is getting drained if there is no usage,wifi off, location off,mobile data off. Even I turned on the battery saver mode, battery is not lasting. Please help me

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2021The 2.0 doesn't mean it's USB 2.0 on USB C. It�... moreplease stop misleading people again and again.
Xiaomi is still using USB 2.0 for its flagship devices such as Mi 11 ultra and Mi Mix 4.
Maximum theoretical data throughput is 53 MByte/s compared to USB 3.0 raw throughput is 500 MByte/s.
If you still insist, please check https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s21_ultra_5g-10596.php and this https://www.gsmarena.com/oneplus_9_pro-10806.php, and any other (recently released) phones on this site really
Both phones are written USB Type-C 3.2 and USB Type-C 3.1, the number clearly identifying the USB X.X specification.

It's just how GSMarena write the USB specification that is causing the confusion, it should be USB 2.0 Type-C.
i think this is one of cost cutting being done by xiaomi cos most people won't really notice.

Using it for 2 months for now. Still don't like stock camera app. It makes a really weird things like over-saturated sky with hue shift, really bad selection of objects in HDR mode and so on.
Shutter lag is not fixed yet. Headphone output is mediocre quality, so I had to buy usb-dac device. Volume buttons can't change headphones level connected to usb dac while phone-calls. Gestures work way worse than on Oneplus 8 Pro. Many little bugs in MIUI and still it's the best camera if you shoot in RAW and process it in Lightroom afterwards. I really hope they fix all those ridiculous bugs.

Filip, 12 Jul 2021Is McPro24fps still working for all aux lenses? Can it hand... moreYes, it supports aux lenses and 60 fps 4k on the main and ultra-wide modules. Tele-photo supports 2592*1940 60fps or 4k 30 fps

  • Anonymous

zizannoor, 27 Jul 2021Bought the highest spec (512 + 12), waited for 1 week to un... morehow's overheating? we have the same specs.. love everything too except:
1) the overheating (gets really warm with simple browsing, but gets really hot when using the camera for few minutes, and that's not even video recording)
2) the battery (coz my mi max 3 lasts way longer than this, i mean i can use my mi max 3 all day and will still have enough battery left at night. unlike mi 11 ultra which only lasts half a day, with same usage. though mi max 3 has extra 500mAh than mi 11 ultra.. and alright must consider the type of screen used also)

  • UMER

How is the battery drainage ???

  • Anonymous

Does anybody know for how long can you record in 480fps and 240fps? I wish the GSMarena guys could touch, if briefly, on the slowmo characteristics of phones.

Thanks in advance

  • Mohamad

Front facing camera is important for video calls or live stream, they can't just remove it.

  • HutHutHut

ypcx, 04 Aug 2021Why is this still unobtanium in the EU? Ordered like 4 week... moreIt is a limited edition phone... And there's a fair chance your order might end up being cancelled.

InsertAFunnyHandle, 05 Aug 2021My Redmi Note 8 PRO [MIUI 12.5.2], a phone smaller than the... moreNVM, found it myself seconds back. Had to dig deep tho ;-)

My Redmi Note 8 PRO [MIUI 12.5.2], a phone smaller than the 6.81 Mi 11 Ultra has SPLIT SCREEN feature which is a highly useful option.

Am I simply not looking hard enough on the 12.5.4 MIUI Global version of Mi 11 Ultra or is that an oversight on the Mi 11 Ultra S/W developing team of Xiaomi? Anyone's advice is looked forward to.

  • coyz

Since there is screen at the back, that punch hole in front for housing a single camera becomes a dirt. They should have offset that front camera to have a clean front screen and use that back cameras for selfies.

Why is this still unobtanium in the EU? Ordered like 4 weeks ago from a major store, still waiting for delivery.

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2021Don't worry, Please google Netflix APK and download i... moreInputs appreciated, mate.

I did manage to find a work-around. i.e., Netflix APK.

No issues, so far.


HutHutHut, 31 Jul 2021I got my Mi 11 Ultra (Ceramic Black - 256 GB) for $850 ... ... moreThanks for picking this up, kind stranger.

US$350 difference is significant. Change from 3-yr old Note 9 Exynos to Mi 11 Ultra Ceramic Black may be justified or so I believe ;-)

MIUI Global 12.5.4 seems to have addressed somehow the quick battery drain problem. If phone is intended for mostly content consumption & basic communication, then SOT should be adequate. If, however, heavy tasks on photography are the order of the day, then a power bank to-go is an absolute MUST.