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Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

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  • 19 Oct 2022

Mark , 29 Aug 2022Which is better mi 11 ultra or mi 12 pro or google pixel 6 proMi 11 ultra is a real beast compared to the above

    My mi 11 ultra has wifi problem .... sometimes it reconnects with the network and sometimes it stops working.... sometimes the problem is so serious that the screen gets freezed and it restars automatically....i am concern is it a software issue or hardware.....i also tried resetting but didn't get desired results...please help me regarding this

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      • 18 Oct 2022

      My xiaomi 11 ultra keeps disconnecting while using wifi.....it happens sometimes using the phone 15 or 20 mins or so on...it reconnects wifi automatically sometimes..but main concern is sometimes it fails to connect...the wifi toggle get stuck and wifi doesn't work...then the phone gets freezed and takes restart automatically....i am not understanding what to do ....i reset the phone but it didn't work....is it a software one or hardware? My thinking is if it is a hardware one then the wifi won't work at all though my tech sense isn't great... really concerned...need your help badly guys...i am very much depressed


        It's Chinese version. Maybe they will install global ROM. That's all. Market price also same. I bought recently from local shops for the same price. Bootloader unlocked global ROM flashed

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          • Tiramisu
          • XQh
          • 11 Oct 2022

          Has anybody bought this phone from Noon UAE?
          The price is very attractive at only 2300 AED for 12GB 256GB.

            InsertAFunnyHandle, 13 Sep 2022Have returned here just to be certain I am not the only one... moreYeah they do t Care to much about global version.....

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              • 7Xc
              • 07 Oct 2022

              Does this phone still have wifi and overheating issues? Planning on buying this or Mi 11 pro.

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                • 03 Oct 2022

                InsertAFunnyHandle, 13 Sep 2022Have returned here just to be certain I am not the only one... moreWell, mine CH rom has September security patch.

                  Have returned here just to be certain I am not the only one who is seemingly stuck with the '2022-05-01' Android SECURITY 'Outdate' that still goes with MIUI Global version Stable I constantly perform OTA update checking yet without luck. While my second phone on roaming -- a now almost jurassic Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exynos has a less outdated 'SECURITY Patch Level: 1 July 2022', I sometimes tend to think Xiaomi does not really have a dedicated Software Development Team looking after so-called flagships unless 11 Ultra has rather quickly been relegated to the low-end category. Considering my year-long use of the phone anyway, "ULTRA" is proving to be just a marketing voodooism as far as updates and peace of mind go.

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                    • IbG
                    • 12 Sep 2022

                    Imran Ahmed , 21 Apr 2022Dear Where can I find purchase - M2102K1G instead of M2... moreGo on ebay you will find this model I purchased mine on ebay the same global version

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                      • n9uuu
                      • mhF
                      • 10 Sep 2022

                      I do not buy a phone if there are somewhere in the specs the words "no" or "hybrid"...

                        Is it this worht getting today?
                        I have 11T pro

                        Shall I get 11 Ultra, 12 Pro or remain on 11T pro?

                          Anonymous, 05 Sep 2022My concern too. Plus OnePlus 10proMi 11 ultra is best phone there, worst is the Oneplus or pixel 6 pro, probably pixel 6 pro (owned one for 6 months, not any more). Oneplus snap in half and actually a few software problems since the Oneplus 7 (linus from linustechtips did a video explaining how his kids and wife's Oneplus devices have a good few problems and some of his employees too).

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                            • y6V
                            • 05 Sep 2022

                            Mark , 29 Aug 2022Which is better mi 11 ultra or mi 12 pro or google pixel 6 proMy concern too. Plus OnePlus 10pro

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                              • 02 Sep 2022

                              droidmate, 28 Aug 2022Only the original vanced is discontinued; But the manager s... moreHey mate, how do I contact you so you'll guide me through installing revanced ? Recently upgraded to a new phone on Android 12 and I can get my YT Vanced to work again 🤦🏼‍♂️
                              I need the Revanced but I heard the steps to get it are on GitHub and very confusing.

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                                • 29 Aug 2022

                                Which is better mi 11 ultra or mi 12 pro or google pixel 6 pro

                                  Xiaomi Fan Boy, 22 Jul 2022I want this phone but is there a Global Version or Global R... moreThink twice, my friend. I've bought it a week ago. And after 6 days of usage the WiFi module suddenly died. I can't turn it on now. It's a common well known hardware problem (didn't know about it when bought the device tho). You can google it. So be sure to be available to return it to the shop where you've bought it. I've moved to another country right after buying the device, so now I have new $1k smartphone with dead WiFi with no possibility to replace/refund it. Don't be like me🤣

                                    Lenny, 28 Aug 2022Does the mi 11 ultra last the whole day with normal usage o... moreUnfortunately it doesn't, despite having 5Ah battery. I've just bought the phone and sometimes it barely can hold one day of average usage, sometimes I have to charge it twice. And I had to reduce screen to 60fps and fhd resolution. Otherwise the battery runs dry even faster. And yes, I don't play any games. Only camera, messengers, social, etc.

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                                      • Lenny
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                                      • 28 Aug 2022

                                      Does the mi 11 ultra last the whole day with normal usage of social media apps and camera? How does it compare with Samsung s21ultra ?

                                        Ltmax, 28 Aug 2022revanced still works for you? i thought it was discontinued... moreOnly the original vanced is discontinued; But the manager still works and is still downloading and installing the mods properly.
                                        And then the revanced project just started, no official managers yet; but it can be installed via magisk or with the help of adb/termux.
                                        Works like a charm.