Xiaomi Mi 1S

Xiaomi Mi 1S

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  • ravi4ever

190 Euros = 13,200 Indian rupees.. if this is price then its a perfect deal in India.. most of the high end phones starts with 20,000 INR..

  • AnonD-65637

How much it costs in china now (in us$),,and the tft screen and this resolution are good on the phone,or not?

  • iSJ5

silentblue08, 23 Aug 2012wow...its awesome phone. hope it will release soon in the P... morevia pirating!

  • AnonD-25081

Good specifications but why they don't release international version of this phone?????

  • Joshua

jeyT, 23 Aug 2012This chinese new smartphone is really worth for its price. ... moreAgree to you, just can't wait myself to grab this phone too.. As the news reported that it was sold out in China for its 1st day realising. Awesome dude it's also preinstalled with JellyBean!! I won't waste my money for other expensive smartphones..

  • jeyT

This chinese new smartphone is really worth for its price. It gives great specs better then other expensive branded smartphone nowdays.
Adequate clear screen, extra extensive battery life, 8mp camera for clean shoot, secondary cam 2mp, midrange Gpu andreno 220 to tackle down all HD games, support with one of the latest n fastest CPU 1,7Ghz dual core to handle many appications without problem.

Just what we need is here, I'm not that fan of branded cellphones, as long we use it properly it will be fine for sure.. Its really affordable!!

Hope this smartphone will be sold in global, so I can get this one. ^____^

  • AnonD-39816

China zindabaad..

  • ainn

Will this fone be relased globaly?

  • GYB

In china it is a Shanzhai phone, and is hard to buy it.

  • iSJ5

why this fone is sooooo cheap?!

  • Anonymous

Nice droid

  • AnonD-5502

a perfect match,,,,,,shoul worldwide,,,,

  • silentblue08

wow...its awesome phone. hope it will release soon in the Philippines.

  • Kyrie

Is this available in the Philippines ? Thanks

  • AnonD-25081

wow .....awesome specifications . i like this phone hope it will release in india