Xiaomi Mi 4c

Xiaomi Mi 4c

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  • Anonymous

Is there any phone like this one that includes a fingerprint sensor?

  • Rein24

Im using this phone for almost two weeks and all i can say is that this phone is awesome. Playing nba2k16 in high settings and its buttery smooth. No overheating issue. Heat is tolerable since everyphone get heated specialy if you are playing heavy graphics games and what i like about it is that everytime the tenmp goes up, this phone cool down faster and i find nice. Also battery is superb! On regular use with data,fb text and call, it takes almost two days to drain. From Philippines btw..😉😀

  • rajan singh

my fvrt molile phone

  • Anonymous

RCT, 14 Oct 2015which is better to buy Mi 4i or mi 4c ?4c with the snapdragon 808 is way better

  • teslark

will this phone work with project FI from google once the marshmallow is loaded onto it?

  • RCT

which is better to buy Mi 4i or mi 4c ?

  • Anonymous

Shivam Gupta , 13 Oct 2015goreela glass 3 avilable her mobile plz rply me fast ?yes 6 is there go for it

  • Shivam Gupta

goreela glass 3 avilable her mobile

plz rply me fast ?

  • andreas

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2015use 16:9 in camera settingsthnx a lot for your reply!

  • Anonymous

andreas, 12 Oct 2015Hey guys,I've watched so many videos for this phone and as... moreuse 16:9 in camera settings

  • andreas

Hey guys,I've watched so many videos for this phone and as for the cam,u cannot use the whole screen when taking photos but almost the half of it..is there any option so that to have an overall view of the screen??

  • Anonymous

sufi, 08 Oct 2015is there video calling facilty in mi 4c,,,plz confirm it Yes

  • Abhi

Hay these guys are really awesome..
They make such an incredible gadjets..
Really the MI GUI was awesome.
But dey kill the device by restrictions or less specifications lyk no emory card slot nd no gorilla glass..
With out these two options no use of smart phone.

  • Sohel

Is that GSM supported

  • a6od

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2015How much is the available storage on the 16 GB version?bout 250 $

  • sufi

is there video calling facilty in mi 4c,,,plz confirm it

  • ata

is the overheating problem serious?

  • Kay

[deleted post]Xiaomi representative claim it is only for china and shall not come to asian market including india. I feel so sad.

  • AnonD-449085

Concore Glass is an OGS Laminated Display from Corning, the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass. Concore Glass is as hard, resistant to scratches & damage as with Gorilla Glass. Concore Glass is also known as Fit Glass because of the laminated display technology used in which Protection Glass and Touch device is integrated into one unit.

They are basically the same in terms of hardness and resistance to scratches. But they are used in different applications. Concore glass is part of a display and Gorilla class is used to protect a display from damage. Concore glass combines display and protection class into one. This reduces the thickness of the display.

  • Anonymous

rv, 05 Oct 2015Is because you got fake mi4c look and read on mi how to che... moreI don't think it is fake.
Most Android phone work like this.
If only 9GB is available, means the Android OS MIUI is occupying 6GB .
Depend on implementation, some will get 11GB available storage.
The max that I have ever saw is 12GB available storage.
Though, getting phone with higher internal memory will solve the issue. (Get the 32GB version dude)