Xiaomi Mi 4i

Xiaomi Mi 4i

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  • S.Selot

I am using this phone for past 10 days. It is getting heated up in normal internet usage. It can not be used for talking if you down load some data. It gets heated whhile charging. I will have to change this phone. Contact dislay is not proper.

  • sanjay

this is an excellent phone. no regrets. have had it for a week now. amazing camera-especially for selfies etc. battery is wow. lasts full day. dont have to carry charger to work like other people anymore with samsungs and apples. the interface for apps etc is great. they are giving free screenguard on thier website so pls claim that post buying. its a great value for money phone. no hanging etc. webpages, apps work great. there is mild heating when used for long time but that even my nokia phone years back used to heat up. it becomes cool in a few seconds anyway. overall great great phone.

  • Dr kapil

i wanted to buy a best smart phone what abt mi4i and mi4

  • fu

please give info. the plastic battery cover is it matte or glossy? how is the quality of the plastic? how it is compared to nokia lumia polycarbonate?


I am also fed up this phone because of not expendable memory and due to back panel is only white colour. Otherwise this is awesome.

  • Arunachalam

I am using Mi 4i for a week. Internet is often disconnecting i.e., showing web page is not available and reload. and Play store is often not working, showing server error. if try again againg, finaly shows communication time out. whenever i connect to wifi, attachment in gmail downloads automaticallay but dont know where it is saved. how to resolve this problem. some heating issue exist other than that everything perfect.

  • sanju

What's about music sounds quality vs I phone please reply I want best music 🎶 sounds clearly phone

  • aditya

I got mi4i mobile one week back mobile is getting heating when i connected to internet or i am in call, iam going for replacement for new one lets hope it will work fine

  • sanjay

we bought 3 mobiles in that2 are getting network problem and net connectivity problem so please check and take

  • tarun

it's best that I tried

  • Raj

shaj, 20 May 2015It's may becoz because "prvent pocket dials is on" in ... moreI also face the same issue. Use first two pins.

  • Anonymous

i see oppo r7 with almost same specs costs 2 times higher...

  • naik

its a preety good phone ;desecnt prize,awsm camera,no heating and all ,its a good phone

  • Ahmed

Is their any Extra Memory Slot in the brand

  • Deep

I want to buy xiaomi mi 4i but i have heared that this phone having heating issue when use, so plz suggest me who uses this phone..wht can i do...:(

  • RADN

May be I am the first customer who is using this phone in Kuwait. I bought it from flipkart and using from last week.It is a great phone for this price.Great battery backup, nice cameras, good screen.The best thing I like is the sun light readability of this phone.Awesome feature even high end smart phones don't have this feature. If u set the brightness automatic mode, even the brightness is low it will automatically change to high brightness. And back to normal one you out from sunlight.I didn't experience any heating issues so far. 100% worth for money.

  • ansh

Ace, 19 May 2015Please review after update your firmware, is there anything issu... moreShould buy it or not??

  • Gurgaon budy

reviews f heating battry n actual internal memory these both things spoiled my mood to buy this phone seriously

  • surya

memory card slot is N.A.

  • ishtiyaque

Anonymous, 19 May 2015Its a worse phone mi have been introduse.high heatting issue...a... moreI also want to buy amazzing fone at low price