Xiaomi Mi 4i

Xiaomi Mi 4i

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-281699, 02 May 2015i am a poor kid.i saved my pocket money since childhood and now ... moreThen you buy YU Yerka for 9000

  • Sam Cheong

karthik, 03 May 2015Its getting heated even on normal usage. Is there any solution... moreNo solution! Almost all China's brands got this problem!

  • Sam Cheong

GW, 02 May 2015There's any problem related this phone such as over heating,han... moreYes, there is over heating issue on this phone and thus make it hang!

  • karthik

Its getting heated even on normal usage.
Is there any solution for this?

  • Rocklee

the phone carry's 16gb how many gb is been used by system

  • Arunachalam

There are two kind of LTE 4G technology. FDD & TDD. In India, TDD Technology is followed which band 33 to 43. MI 4i has band 38, 38, 39, 40 & 41. So this phone will support for 4G network available in India. If you want to buy 4G phone, pls check whether that phone will support 4G in India or not.

How is battery backup of this phone please tell me friends

There is heating issues. The software is not smooth getting stuck. MI3 camera far better. canceled my order after looking at my friends phone.

  • khatana

No heating no hang best phone

  • Anonymous

best buy,,no doubt,,,

  • mk

What about camera quality.

  • AnonD-352306

Does mi4i support otg ?

  • hasan

best phone,this price range

  • altin

3g network is able to use the mobile ... or works only with network 4g

  • Rck

AnonD-249802, 01 May 2015I am fed up of people saying same thing again again. If you wan... moreBro. Plz plz plz tell me which is better glaxy s4 or mi 4i
on base of camera, battry, any hanging issue,network (wifi also)
plz bro.

  • Anonymous

my pre oder done,,just now counting time to get this killer,,

  • Anonymous

Got my Mi4i this evening.
Excellent responsive touch.
Sharp and crisp images.
Above par camera.
Reasonably fast.
No headset.

Problems faced:
Heating on the top, making it uncomfortable to ear.
O/g calls do not get connected, and get dropped with a ping. Sometimes, call gets connected. No pattern was observed. My o/g success rate is less than 20%. Tried calling numbers in my home itself. If this continues, may have to return the phone.
I/c calls issue is there. It says "phone switched off" even when the phone is on.
In both cases, signal strength was showing FULL. Tired setting in 3G mode overriding default LTE mode, but to no avail.
Keeping under observation till tomorrow to decide on what to do.

  • sri

Hectoron, 02 May 2015Mid-range phone in the price range almost always have point HD s... moreIs OS ok?

  • vinny

does this phone have gorilla protection?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-241667, 02 May 2015Only 12.9 GB external memory... Further they send updates in gb'... moreDon't make a fool out of yourself, Xiaomi update merely few hundreds MB, some are less than 100MB, once installed user can delete the Zip file, so there is no issue memory full, in fact the latest update actually giving more space, & user can delete some unused apps eg. Google Books, play game, play newsstand & etc if they don't need it.