Xiaomi Mi 4i

Xiaomi Mi 4i

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  • AnonD-391481

arksmc05, 02 May 2015Just now I got my hands on brand new xiaomi mi 4i... The phone i... moreis this phone have heating problem after continuous use about 1 hour

  • altin

AnonD-111358, 01 May 2015http://www.antelife.com/xiaomi-mi4-m4-qualcomm-snapdragon-801-qu... moreno shop

  • GW

There's any problem related this phone such as over heating,hang,battery backup,or any other problem ? Please tell me I am going to buy this phone soon.

  • Anonymous

I almost preferred this over asus zenfone 2 but when I found out about the memory (non-expandable, 16gb), I immediately bought the Zenfone 2.

  • AnonD-241667

Only 12.9 GB external memory... Further they send updates in gb's..problem ahead.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-281699, 02 May 2015i am a poor kid.i saved my pocket money since childhood and now ... more4G is a new technology, its successor of 3G which mean if u use 4G sim and data you would get very high speed internet, which can go up to 150Mbps. it would take time for 4G to be available through out India though, we cannot even get proper 3G now. anyways its a good option to have if ur in Bangalore coz u can get 4G there and its future proof.

  • Anonymous

www, 01 May 2015Will this phone be avaliable in Europe?No

  • AnonD-281699

i am a poor kid.i saved my pocket money since childhood and now i am going to buy my first smartphone.i donot need much memory ,12gb is enough.thus it will catch every tour in india.cant understand 4g 800mhz wats that?

  • anas

No card slot option...bettet not buy this phone...going another chinees brand..

  • nsramu

2nd may I received this phone from flipkart price 13000 rs phone touch sense very very soft nice phone 100% valid I am very satisfied

  • Madhu

Support indian language ? Amazing welcome xiaomi

  • Mukul

what a phone. LOCKING WAS SO SO GOOD.

  • Anonymous

this phone have no rival's,im sure ,,its going to break all records,,,no doubt,,,

  • Hectoron

ramesh ram, 01 May 2015No Memory card slot and only 16gb internal memory with no sign f... moreMid-range phone in the price range almost always have point HD screen (even the Zenfone 2 with 13k price has a HD screen, that too at much less PPI). And the screen is not merely Full-HD (which even the mi3 was) but seems to be of the same series as the Mi Note (which has a 'Nega' led from Sharp) with high contrast & very vivid colors (two things that were not in mi3).
Also, the ZF2 at 13k has only 16gb internal storage which means one will have to spend 1-2k for a UHS-1 or UHS1-U3 card (for 32gb & 64gb respectively)
The 10.9gb memory in mi4i is a Big minus & I believe in a month or two Xiaomi will surely launch a 32gb mi4i at 15k, or 64gb at 16k
I have seen the ZF2, it is a huge phone, much bigger than it's 5.5" screen should suggest and it's also quite thick. Though the sides are only 4mm the thickness in the centre is a huge 11mm. It is bigger & much thicker than note 3 & note 4 so one should consider this aspect before purchasing

  • adi

Unknown, 02 May 2015You can also consider the SAR value. It's 0.3 in Asus and 1.29 i... morePlease check the SAR at ASUS website. It is close to 0.98 actually. The displayed SAR value on Flipkart of 0.35 is faulty.

  • Harke

I heard this phone has screen protector glass same as Gorilla Glass 3. Is it true ?

  • Anonymous

why it is taking too much time for delivery

  • arksmc05

Just now I got my hands on brand new xiaomi mi 4i... The phone is really superb... U will love it... So nice and cute!

  • Madhu

varinder, 02 May 2015Does this phone have gorilla protection?This phone have OGS technolgy

  • vino

Hi frnds pls help me out with color of mi4i..Is there any any color available other than white(Blue as published in MI store) ? If not, thn any idea when it will be available..
Could be a grt help...