Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9 Explorer prices leak

Peter, 18 February 2019

Youd be forgiven to think that the Xiaomi Mi 9 is already officially announced – Xiaomi has already confirmed so many details about the phone. The actual launch is not until Wednesday, but if leaks keep coming in at this rate there will be no new information there. We can now add the price of the Mi 9 and the design of the Mi 9 Explorer edition to the list of things we know.

Well, the base Xiaomi Mi 9 with 6GB of RAM and 64GB storage will start at CNY 3,300. Check out the table below for the other configurations.

6/64GB ¥3,300 $490 €430
8/128GB ¥3,500 $520 €455
8/256GB ¥3,700 $545 €480
8/256GB Transparent edition ¥5,000 $740 €520
8GB Explorer edition ¥6,000 $885 €785

Note that the Mi 9 “transparent edition” is different from the Explorer edition. The latter will have 12GB of RAM (and yes, it will have a transparent back too). The rumored pricing info - $885 – represents a huge premium over the 8/256GB transparent model.

Here are some live photos of the Xiaomi Mi 9:

Xiaomi Mi 9 live photos Xiaomi Mi 9 live photos Xiaomi Mi 9 live photos Xiaomi Mi 9 live photos
Xiaomi Mi 9 live photos

And some Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer live shots and press images.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer live photos Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer live photos Leaked images Leaked images
Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer live photos • Leaked images

Finally, here's a promo video for the Explorer edition:

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Reader comments

Man as i said just the pics and videos. You cant recover SMS from a dead phone you cant recover phone numbers if they werent stored on an SD slot or Email. You cant recover your game and progress in game because no phone runs game from a memory ...

If the SD card is not bust, you'll definitely get all data saved on it. If a phone is dead, the data is gone,unlike laptops with internal hard drives

Man thats just some data but not all data. For example if you play some game and your progress is saved onto the phone you cant recover it. Dont try to be clever. And that was just one of many examples.

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