Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer

Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer

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  • Anonymous

ILoveEeEe, 22 Feb 2019Since it is transparency and why not make it an IP68 certified? It will be very expensive.. I don't think that we need to swim with our phone..

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi needs to make 4000mah batteries a standard in phones so it won't give us low stand-by times

  • ILoveEeEe

Since it is transparency and why not make it an IP68 certified?

Front facing camera is the same like in mi 8.Also back cameras lack ois and that is very important for me.Also there are no IP rating( must be at least splash prof)Also there is a question will be global support like in China( 2 year regular Android updates).There are no micro SD slot but think 256 gb is fine. Everything else is great.

  • Fernas

Isnt the Transparent/Explore supposed to get a more advanced lens for the main camera?

Then review?

  • AnonD-816568

It will be great if the phone has IP certifications

That phone only will make shock to other competitors. Haha

  • beautiful mind

no 32-bit/192kHz audio why?

I think it is the fastest phone ever till now

this model mustbe back also gorilla glass 6, even mi 9 128gb version mustbe if not all. there is statistics that phone goes down by screen? back more important, on screen put tempered glass, but back maybe without silicon case. or there is german product 20-30$ must use back and screen that will more good

  • Husten

Is it really transparent or is it just a cover looking transparent?

Awesome phone 12GB ram latest CPU and GPU can make even 3300 mAh battery an endurance king because its not powerhugry at all.
256GB disk space is awesome SD slot is not needed at all.
Its fully wireless no jack is requed good.
No overpriced and overhyped IP 68 which is useless because no warranty will cover a water damage.
And have so much features for a such great price.
Other competitors with their much expensive phones can go nuts.

Evie, 20 Feb 201912GB ram is such an exaggeration yaa but still a good product bu... moreMan with SD855 3300 mAh will be equal to Samsung M series with 5000 Ah because SD855 is not powerhungry at all.
It will be one hell of a phone.

12GB ram is such an exaggeration yaa but still a good product but what the hell with this battery of 3300 mah ! Atleast 4000 mah (track record of xiaomi) should be there after all its the most costliest and special from the whole series.