Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

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  • XWn
  • 15 Sep 2021

after update of android 11 google play service is not working , great problem facing

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    • Mikki
    • pJA
    • 11 Sep 2021

    My phone has several faults. If the other party doesn’t pick up within 8 seconds, it hangs up. It also hangs up automatically after exactly 15 mins. I also get no sound from any Bluetooth earphones/headphones even though it says they are fully connected. As well, most calls are garbled as the other party can’t hear what I’m saying. The phone also can’t seem to handle Android 11. It’s laggy and the screen stutters when scrolling. I finally gave up with it and bought an iPhone 12 mini.

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      • Alex
      • m2A
      • 08 Sep 2021

      Sad story here.
      After the last update to Android 11 (I think?) the phone became heating up like a kettle. It had passed after a while. Yesterday I was watching a show in my bed on All 4 app (it was Malcom In The Middle, if interested) before going to sleep when my phone suddenly froze and none of the system buttons would work, so I pushed the switch button to shut it down and then back up, but it never awoke. Since then it's been a brick. I took the back lid off (took me good 20 minutes with my wife's hairdryer) just to discover that the battery and all seemed ok. The screen was ok as well because after the update the booting process was concluded by the sound so I would hear it if the phone booted up with no display working.
      So now it's dead and I think this time I will order something else but Xiaomi.

      The bottom line - I think the update was killing my phone for a couple of months until it breathed its last byte on my hands.

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        • Phoneboi
        • vxB
        • 06 Sep 2021

        This is such a great phone because of the compact size and near flagship specs. If only Xiaomi didn't kill this line ;(

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          • Anonymous
          • uCj
          • 29 Aug 2021

          A good phone indeed, small and light. Using this for almost two years but only recently the phone reboot by itself, and sometimes turned off on its own. Even after factory reset, still having the same issue. Anyone encountered this before, or know how to solve this?

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            • Ex-flagship Lover
            • KRV
            • 24 Aug 2021

            what a shame, this is not flagship phone... Do not discard memory card slot and earphone jack or people won't buy it!!!

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              • Anonymous
              • vgN
              • 23 Aug 2021

              Aakash, 14 Aug 2021I have been using this device since July 2019. Such an awes... moreWhich. Gcam do you use? I cant find the stable one.

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                • Anonymous
                • t7G
                • 18 Aug 2021

                Aakash, 14 Aug 2021I have been using this device since July 2019. Such an awes... morevery true

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                  • Aakash
                  • 6P9
                  • 14 Aug 2021

                  I have been using this device since July 2019. Such an awesome device. Proximity sensor sometimes don't work... camera is good and performs more good with Gcam

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                    • Anonymous
                    • fpd
                    • 04 Aug 2021

                    Around 200 euro not 460 exagerated price with the h-mate 20 pro

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                      • Ikhwan
                      • vgM
                      • 31 Jul 2021

                      Does anyone here install gcam for mi 9 se (miui 12.5)?

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                        • Phoneboi
                        • UFB
                        • 18 Jul 2021

                        Such a great device. I love the amoled, the camera is very good, miui 12.5 has improved night photos a lot but most of all I love the compact size and light weight.

                        I also have Mi10T which I use for gaming only. And tbh I prefer much prefer the amoled vs the hrr LCD. GSM arena will tell you how great the Mi 10T hrr LCD screen is, but I must disagree. I will only buy amoled now.

                          • L
                          • Lili
                          • pq3
                          • 11 Jul 2021

                          Can I use MirrorLink this phone? How?

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                            • Sajid
                            • 6ui
                            • 08 Jul 2021

                            Very nice device.. I have been using this phone more than 2 years.. no issues at all.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • mvI
                              • 07 Jul 2021

                              AnonD-930503, 06 Jul 2021How about the last update? Is it cost to update? 12.5 runs flawlessly for me (global).

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                                • AnonD-930503
                                • 3h%
                                • 06 Jul 2021

                                How about the last update? Is it cost to update?

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                                  • Nezi
                                  • myf
                                  • 30 Jun 2021

                                  I've had this phone for over 2 years now and love it: the pictures, the quality, the size... Unfortunately I broke the screen and had to replace it. Since then, the battery has been lasting less and less. It dies on me every time I have video calls. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I wouldn't like to change phones as I can't find one at this size as good as Mi9 SE :(
                                  Thanks for any help.

                                    richypichy, 15 Jun 2021By saying smooth transition I meant going from 75 to 60hz d... moreTy2.. i sold my mi 9 SE then bought the Mi 9 btw :)

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                                      • richypichy
                                      • 0x5
                                      • 15 Jun 2021

                                      Hanif Fikri, 17 Mar 2021Pls answer me...What did u meant going back to 60hz fell sm... moreBy saying smooth transition I meant going from 75 to 60hz didn't feel off and I got used to it immediately and haven't thought about overclocking ever again. It's not a big deal to casual user. Battery life is the same and I haven't noticed any decrease/increase with time or Android update. Display overclock mod works only on Android 9 as I'm aware that doesn't have newer MIUI.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • mvI
                                        • 14 Jun 2021

                                        I am also very happy with this phone. Had it for two years now. While it would be nice to have high refreshrate screen , 5g, more ram and so on this phone still does the job and all Xiaomi updates has improved this phone a lot. At first glance it looks like an iPhone

                                        Oneplus Nord CE looks tempting buy it will be wasting money when this phone is such a warrior