Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X)

Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X)

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  • Anonymous

This what I chose because Redmi Note 7 is out of stock here.

  • Zeus210

After updated to Android pie, my phone suddenly have pop up ads. My wifi and cellular reception also become weaker. Anyone facing same kind of issues? What can I do to fix them. Anyone please enlighten me

  • Carcy

Tref, 12 Jun 2019After march security update, phones goes in bootloop. Phone don'... moreLet it idle in Fastboot (robot picture) then do a Soft Reset.

  • Carcy

Bought this as replacement phone for my wife... then realized, I made a mistake.
Phone has no audio jack... which is a no-go for my wife. She trashes/looses earphones left and right. And using a tiny adapter or buy a more expensive USB-C headphonee is absolutley no option because she will loose/trash those again (I have a huge pile of 2€/$ earphones ;-) )...
So I gave her my Nokia 5.1 plus (also Android One device). Then I cloned that phone to the Xiaomi... But it looked like configuring, downloading and updating to Pie at the same time was a bit much.
After the first May security update, phone aborted the update... on second try, update went through but phone could not boot up again. Fixed that with a simple turn on/off... Then the final update sent the phone into a turn off/on loop which finally put the phone in FastBoot repair mode with no options to choose... I was almost sure I bricked it via simple update...
But I could recover it again via a manual Soft Reset.
Now the phone works pretty well and is almost killer for that price (bought the global version 64GB for 120 €).

  • Anonymous

RGR, 10 Jun 2019Then go for pixel you will be shameless.Did somebody ask about your opinion? I think i missed something

  • f00x-tetuan

Nisar, 05 Jun 2019Do you guys experience some sort of keyboard lag or keyboard tou... morei think i have a similar probleme that the keyboard start to type random letters, and also if you are for example in home screen it will start to open random apps and start to open and touch like someone is hacking your phone.

Aaaaand....no more timely security patches. Not even one year since the phone was released. Anyony already switched to an alternative ROM that can be recommended?

Have used the A2 global version for six months now and i am loving it. Good camera, processor and the battery life isnt that bad at all for a 3000mah capacity. Stable Android Pie update within the second month of use and consistent security updates. No problems encountered so far.
If i am to compare my A2 with a budget price tag to my previous phones(Samsung s8+ and Iphone 7 plus), the A2 still does a fairly good job based on same functions i used the other phones for(social media, gaming, videos, YouTube, Internet surfing, trading and more...). I only look towards more great products from Xiaomi.

  • Tref

After march security update, phones goes in bootloop. Phone don't wont to boot android. Official update, no root on phone, no unlock bootloader. oem unlock i don't do, in developer settings, only one solution is test point to flash rom direct to phone motherboard. Why Xiaomi, why Google? 4GB/64GB global phone.

  • DrDin@

uragiristereo, 12 Jun 2019Be careful with micron eMMC. My Mi A2's write speed is slow and ... morehow to differentiate or find which phone has which emmac

Be careful with micron eMMC. My Mi A2's write speed is slow and causes freeze when clearing cache/copying big file. If you willing to buy Mi A2, make sure you got Hynix or Samsung eMMC instead of micron.

  • aaemon

RGR, 10 Jun 2019LOL. Everything is good but battery sucks. And coming to heating... moreI didnt find any heating issue, sometimes it gets hot, but not that much like u say, I agree bigger battery would make the phone better

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2019Android Q is coming in 3 months but we'll get it by december (th... moreThen go for pixel you will be shameless.

aaemon, 09 Jun 2019I am using this for the past 45 days... I think I should share t... moreLOL. Everything is good but battery sucks. And coming to heating you will taste the heat when you charge your mobile and it becomes like an iron box. Rest all are good as you mentioned except the battery.

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019hi, i bought a nokia 7 plus for six months ago, it has been so s... moreIf you want big battery go for Moto One Power or if you want good cam and better processor go for MI A2 both are Android one devices.

  • RG

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019hi, i bought a nokia 7 plus for six months ago, it has been so s... moreIf you want to go for android one device there are two options apart from Nokia (6.1+), Moto one power and MI A2. If you want bigger battery go for Moto one power and if you want good cam and bit better performance go to MI A2.

  • aaemon

I am using this for the past 45 days... I think I should share the pros and cons of the phone.
I am really satisfied with the phone. First the camera performance is really really good at this price, if you prefer camera quality, then it's a better choice. Did not face any major lag, currently on the android pie.
Most of the time I am at home and connected to wifi, and get 9 to 10 hour SOT with low brightness... If play games (pubg :p) continuously then the SOT is around 3 hours... and while outside and using 4G, I get around 5 to 6 hours of SOT... I think the battery performance is really good considering the capacity.
I didn't find any heating issue, checked many times, the phone gets a bit warm sometimes, I can assure you it is really negligible, you won't notice...
Get the each month security update, and phone performance is also good. The screen is a little bit dimmer (in the direct sunlight, but you can see clearly). The compromise is the headphone jack, there is a dongle included in the box, the sound output is good too, really good...
I had to choose between redmi note 7, redmi note 7 pro, and some others. Chose this one because of the android one feature... If you like stock android at low budget then this is a great device.

  • just_answering

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2019how do you connect earphones here? bluetooth? or same in chargin... moreVia Type-C to 3.5 mm jack dongle that is included in the box with the smartphone. Or as you mentioned Bluetooth for wireless headphones/earphones.

  • Anonymous

hi, i bought a nokia 7 plus for six months ago, it has been so shattered that it can no longer be used, it costs as much as a new mobile phone and gets fixed. So I wonder what is smartest to buy. I plan on xiaomi mi a2, but i dont now. which mobile phone should I buy that is not too expensive or should I fix it now

Omid, 16 May 2019Hi everyone this mobile's battery is so bad it take about 7%of c... moreI didn't have such issue, mine works just great.