Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (Redmi 6 Pro)

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (Redmi 6 Pro)

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  • Adil
  • uuj
  • 20 Feb 2022

Onys, 17 Jan 2022Horrible phone! Seemed great for the money at first, but I ... moreWhy you dont't upgrade to a custom rom like Pixel Experience Android 12, the performance after that is just mind blowing. Also very compact to use comanies are now not making such handy phones.

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    • Anonymous
    • v{t
    • 10 Feb 2022

    One of the best phones for this price range. I'm using this phone since 2018. I used this without tempered glass from the beginning. It might be fallen countless times but the touch worked for me until now. Also I got wet with this phone several times. Sometimes the phone turning on, illuminate the androidone logo and keeps restarting. Even couldn't turn off the device. but one or two days after I could turn on the device with the marks that water flowed under the display. several days later they also disappeared. What a lovely phone. Wish this device could have more powerful camera. 12MP is pretty good.
    One of the best from Xiaomi

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      • Onys
      • mhP
      • 17 Jan 2022

      Horrible phone! Seemed great for the money at first, but I have had crucial bugs from the beginning, like sound levels bugging out and leaving me hanging with wake up alarm making me almost miss a boat, and battery life was never more than a day, dnd mode is a joke and there is always some apps that manage to get around it, it is impossible to one click silence the phone and it's erratic will the sound slider work for media sounds or ring tone. It fails keeping any background apps open making it impossible to do any level of identification procedures and I cannot even get into my bank app anymore because of that, nor get any double security payments through - and right on top of 2 year mark a whole swarm of new glitches appeared which just keep getting worse and multiply.

      Today (quarter pass 2 year mark) if I have to use it even a little bit I cannot go through a work day without charging it half way, making so that in total I charge it 3 times a day (!); in the morning, midday and at night, and everything keeps freezing and bugging out and even calls mostly don't get through, or it freezes when I try to answer or mic wont work etc. I am officially burying this now and never touching a Xiaomi again since I find similar comments under their other models too - despite the several short good reviews. Like someone said here; It's like I have a completely different phone reading them.

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        • Xiaomifan
        • 8rD
        • 13 Nov 2021

        I have this phone for more than 2 years and I loved it. There only few issues that I can mention that do not bother me and one that is a big problem.
        1. The battery is a vary strong part of the device but after all these years looks tired and I have to charge at the end of the day.
        2. After few updates my alarm does not work. I tried everything and it doesn't even vibrates.
        3. After the last update often I encountered a conflict between the 4g and WiFi and none is working where I had to wait the browser to load. Very annoying but not big issue.
        3. The weakest point of this device is the signal. The reception indoors is horrible. I changed sim cards to check it, but nothing changed same situation of no reception. Is annoying having a mobile phone that can't have good signal. That is the weakest point of this device and major issue for me.
        4. On the other hand is a very good quality device, very durable and with a nice case will last for ever. I bought it new very cheap (if I remember correct about £120) which is a very good price for such a phone.
        I pass my A2 lite to my son now, who I believe that he will enjoy it as much I did.

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          • santad
          • pr0
          • 07 Nov 2021

          same as posts of last 3 users

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            • Fuzz
            • IVR
            • 31 Oct 2021

            Been used since 2018, still tough even drop countless times, never change the battery since purchasing it. Although a bit slower to open apps.

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              • Jeli
              • tDP
              • 19 Oct 2021

              To me, this phone takes a little bit more time to open apps such as Instagram, facebook etc. It also takes a little bit more time to open a files. And the photo result isn't that great to me, idk am i putting to much hope to this phone?

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                • Anonymous
                • rJU
                • 15 Oct 2021

                Guru, 03 Aug 2021I have Redmi 6 Pro in beautiful red colour 4gb 64gb variant... moreSame

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                  • Anon
                  • d%w
                  • 18 Sep 2021

                  AH, 30 Aug 2021Yeah bro, every single time. my A2 lite already sent to rep... moreexact opposite here, so many times it dropped and never cracked, scratches yes but never broken

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                    • omeringen
                    • Jbr
                    • 09 Sep 2021

                    You might want to disable updates because upgrading android version disables aptx support for bluetooth.

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                      • tVn
                      • 30 Aug 2021

                      Ramran2003, 17 Aug 2021Everytime it fell on the ground, the LCD got broken. Every... moreYeah bro, every single time. my A2 lite already sent to repair shop for 2 times. its all because the lcd seems to be weak and easily to broke

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Dkx
                        • 26 Aug 2021

                        Guru, 03 Aug 2021I have Redmi 6 Pro in beautiful red colour 4gb 64gb variant... moreYes,i have the sky blue colour and its same ,last update android 9,security patch sep 2020

                          Everytime it fell on the ground, the LCD got broken.
                          Every single time. Even in half a meter height.

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                            • Balroq
                            • QtA
                            • 04 Aug 2021

                            New security update for Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (1 July 2021).
                            Recovery file 1.1 GB

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                              • Guru
                              • YQS
                              • 03 Aug 2021

                              I have Redmi 6 Pro in beautiful red colour 4gb 64gb variant. I like it because it is a compact phone, easy to carry around. But I've the Indian variant and it is still running Android 9 with MIUI No updates of Android 10. Security patch is too old, that is, sept 2020.. Is it just me, or Indian variant won't get updated to Android 10?

                                skygaki, 14 Nov 2020So. I've another problem. The phone randomly reboots i... moreso guys, an update!!

                                the phone died last week.

                                it lasted all these 2¾ years, but i also had a fair amount of issues/problems with it.. just to name few:
                                • the random reboots
                                • apps never staying open in the background, reloaded all of them
                                • didn't pop-up apps when needed

                                if anybody could recommend a decent (mid-range/~€300) phone, i'd appreciate it!!

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                                  • MRick
                                  • AWW
                                  • 25 Jul 2021

                                  I want to buy this phone, secondhand. Is it still worth it? Just want a cheap phone with otg support with Android 10.

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                                    • Jude
                                    • 3y}
                                    • 17 Jul 2021

                                    I've had this phone for 2years now
                                    It works very good with android 10 and security updates are stil making it better
                                    Everything works 100% on it and i play pubg and cod smoothly
                                    The fingerprint sensor is freezing sometimes but other than that this phone is really good

                                      Mobile user, 08 Jun 2021How Did you get android 11.pls tell me the method I want it tooIt's just a Security update, but I'm still on Android 10 ...If you want to use custom Rom you can Download Android 11 here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/f/xiaomi-mi-a2-lite-roms-kernels-recoveries-oth.8009/
                                      for A2 Lite.

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                                        • User-PL
                                        • arU
                                        • 08 Jun 2021

                                        Mobile user, 08 Jun 2021How Did you get android 11.pls tell me the method I want it tooVersion 11.0.19 is Android 10 with security update 1 may 2021.

                                        Recovery file 1.1 GB :