Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (Redmi 6 Pro)

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (Redmi 6 Pro)

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  • Anonymous

Why I can't install any further security update after installing February 1 Android 10 update. Please make a reply if there's any solution.

  • Proxinq

Upgraded to Android 10 and really no issues so far apart from those common with the device prior to upgrade.

  • Poland_PL

Zuzka, 14 May 2020I have many "small" problems with this phone from the begin... more1. Hard Reset
2. Security path to 1.03.2020 for Android 9
3. Don't update to Android 10

  • Zuzka

I have many "small" problems with this phone from the beginning. When I uninstall an app, the whole phone freezes for a while. WiFi connection is really bad, it randomly disconnects and the Internet is very slow. When I try to open camera straight from the lock screen it often says "camera error", and my friend had the same problem with this phone. Also it often happens that apps aren't working as they're supposed to, for example I'm unable to post stories or posts on Instagram from time to time. And that's not even all.

Overall my experience with this phone is very frustrating, because all these bugs happen very often and it's impossible to use the phone without some technical hiccups every day. I'm really looking forward getting a new phone when I have some money for it, not because I want it but because this one is partially unusable.

  • BlackNibba

Do not update to android 10. It will ruin your phone. I am experiencing heating issues even though I am only using facebook and the phone is super laggy.

  • Hk

Kone, 02 May 2020I have had this phone for some time, and a friend has the i... moreThis seems to be the issue with Xiaomi phones. I have Redmi 4A which goes through the same problem. When the call is ended by the receiver only then screen turns on. Afterwards when I reboot it then it works normally

  • Poland_PL

Sai, 04 May 2020Guys they sent me a notification that my phone is ready to ... moreWait 3 moth better

  • Inumen46

Android 10 destroyed my phone

  • Sai

Guys they sent me a notification that my phone is ready to up date and when I get in nothing happens and says there is no update so what I do ?? I'm still Android 9

  • Kone

I have had this phone for some time, and a friend has the identical one. While she has few problems other than low camera resolution, mine has had a number of issues. The screen will shut off during calls and not turn back on afterwards, which makes it impossible to hang up or call voicemail or punch in any numbers after initial dialing. After resetting proximity sensors, it will be ok for a few days. The camera is quite poor, but I knew to expect that. I also have the issue of multiple buttons being pressed by my ear during calls when the screen doesn't turn itself off- I often press the 'do not disturb, flashlight, wifi, bluetooth, auto-rotate, and airplane mode' ALL AT THE SAME TIME just by being in a call. Despite these issues, it was a good price and I really enjoyed this phone before these issues came up. I think I just ended up with a bad one.

  • Anonymous

Rna, 29 Apr 2020After updating android 10 (security patch Feb-1) I can not ... moreI am also facing the same problem

  • Rna

After updating android 10 (security patch Feb-1) I can not install any further security update, always show 'installation problem'. Is there any solution?

  • Hilda

All of a sudden my microphone died completely. I had downloaded Android 10 last week. Could the problems be related? Android 10 also seems to cause excessive battery use.

  • Rina

I don't really know what the 4/64 version is like but I do know that the 3/32 isn't really good. The RAM memory just isn't enough and apps take up a lot of RAM so they just constantly restart in the background. Android ONE is a nice OS, photo quality is decent, front camera is terrible. Battery life was good but after one year of usage it became half as durable. Overall not a bad phone but eh...I wouldn't recommend it.

  • mahmoud

Morteza, 22 Apr 2020After update to android 10 i have problem with my microphon... moreYou need to master reset your mobile .
But before that, you need to back up your data.

  • Aryan

Hi everybody,
For Microphone problem that many users faced in android 10, I had this problem when I got this phone first about a year ago - When It was android 9, and by "Disabling All Google permission Especially Microphone Or Disable Google," in apps setting, microphone problem solved (I have faced the problem 1 in 10), and after 2 or 3 updates later, the microphone worked well even I had enabled google again!
after updating to android 10, I haven't faced the microphone problem yet after updating to android 10.

  • Zeesho

Please do not update mi a2 lite to android 10. New update is buggy too. I have done factory reset after updating but problems still exists.
1-Screen locking sound not working.
2- Cellular network issue.
3- Screen got dark and wallpaper disappeared after unlocking screen.

  • Morteza

After update to android 10 i have problem with my microphone,don't work and i must restarting my phone and work and again don't work and....

  • Hojat

Pleas help me
I installed Android 10 today. After update and restarting, the device did not turn on again
What should I do now?
I need my photos on the device

  • Anonymous

trajcevasilev94, 06 Apr 2020Are you on Android 10? No