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  • Anjan

Which one is better? Samsung Galaxy m30s or mi a3?

  • KH

Sergio, 30 Sep 2019Can anyone else confirm these issues?I have mi 9t and yes I can confirm how horrible the auto-brightness is on Xiaomi devices + sometimes it gets way too low in dark areas with no dc dimming feature yet (for mi 9t and mi a3). Proximity is also buggy cannot be predicted.
Otherwise the device is fast, near perfect amoled screen colors, very good battery life and cellular reception, and pretty good Gcam camera results.

  • Sergio

Ilan, 19 Sep 2019This device is a problematic one. Few major issues: 1) Fingerpr... moreCan anyone else confirm these issues?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019Whats the best color in real, more than white (white), or not ju... moremore than white

  • Shiva

Please update the settings in this model. and Colour resolution is so dull please fix that problem

  • Msi

Ilan, 27 Sep 2019Everyone is so hyped about thus phone, but I got it for 3 weeks ... moreBruh .. Its your headphone which is not compitable with a3
And upgrade can fix those issues 😑

  • Sam@595

I purchased a new phone it's ferpomas good .my phone not visible volte

  • King cobra

In short this phone is worse because of 720x1560 resolution

  • vishnu

this phone very small size camara also not good this not best to chose y9 is best

Laki , 21 Sep 2019I compared the camera of this phone with the camera of Samsung s... moreYou cannot compare preium model with budget movil. In low light you see the diference, s6 its better. 48mpx is marketing, is not a good idea for night photos. Also if you use dour pixels to make ones. This system was also on Fuji Cameras lot of years ago.

  • ajlm filipino

giachtas, 26 Sep 2019Hello, I'm from Greece. I have the Mi A2 and I'm thinking to buy... moremi a2 is better than mi a3 for me because i own a mi a2 unit and it's still amazing for me for camera department and gaming department until now but the real prob. is the battery is just 3000mah and no headphone.. but for me it's good overall better than mi a3.. and i think the mi a3 is just a outside good phone because it's glass and amoled display but 720 display and 200+ ppi? much better if you have mi a2 that 400+ ppi and 1080p display just good to have it.

  • Anonymous

Mamal, 27 Sep 2019What is the difference betwen 720*1560 pexels and 1080*2340 pexe... moreResolution is not important, PPI (pixels per inch) is what's important, around 400 PPI will give you decent screen clarity and you can get that from most of today's midrange phones.

Substandard display, poor gaming performance, that is, even with android one which should help it to speed up things but it seems not the case, if this ran MIUI very likely would run much slower.

@Mamal: that means: screens with higher pixel count gives more detail (for which you'll have to pay more, and will drain your battery sooner). I am perfectly happy with this phone. I searched a long time for an affordable high quality device. Think I found it.

@ Anonymous: that's a test result when gaming. which I don't do on a phone.

Mamal, 27 Sep 2019What is the difference betwen 720*1560 pexels and 1080*2340 pexe... more720 will look a little "worse" with a lower quality but higher battery life as the device doesn't need to push as many pixels to the screen. Performance in and out of games could also be boosted. 1080 will look "better" and more crisp but battery life will be average.

Mamal, 27 Sep 2019What is the difference betwen 720*1560 pexels and 1080*2340 pexe... moreTypically, an HD display has 720 pixels and FHD has 1080 pixels. FHD looks way crisper and nicer than HD. A lot factors affect display quality, though, and not simply higher resolutions. The difference is clearly seen when the two are compared side-by-side.

  • Naishedh

Aspok, 27 Sep 2019Which one is Better Mi A3 or Moto One Vision??? both have same s... moreDefinitely Mi A3 because am using for month and I felt that only this phone is fabulous in looking at well as handling . Battery life is best in this ranged phone. Last but not least glass and back, both side are tough and stylist

Which one is Better Mi A3 or Moto One Vision??? both have same software androidone?

  • SodaStereoFreeFM

Only half HD?WTF Xiaomi..

  • Ilan

Everyone is so hyped about thus phone, but I got it for 3 weeks and I just hate it. Keep reading before you buy. Battery is amazing and screen is great, but this phone is so buggy that it makes go nuts. I'm not a gamer and performance never been an issue. However.. Fingerprint scanner is so damn poor, it gets right maybe 3/10 times, when it unlocks it turns the brightness to 80% even though the brightness is set to a lower level in the slider, uts a consistent and horrific issue. Major issue with sound contriol6, speaker and earpiece are fine, but the phone often mixes up between the speaker and earpiece whilst in a call or just watching a video. When you plug headphones you can't control the volume if you're in a call. Seldom when watching a video from an application or browser, the volume rocker doesn't changes the volume.

  • Mamal

What is the difference betwen 720*1560 pexels and 1080*2340 pexels? explain to me clearly .