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  • Meow

I WILL BUY Xiaomi Mi A3 next month (because is within my budget though), upgrading from my old phone, the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 (still an excellent phone for me though haha, i will miss her sob sob). Despite being said that the Mi A3 is such a deal breaker or "don't buy this" stuff from youtube and other reviews of social media/threads or on gsmarena itself, I find it is going to be a huge improvement from my old phone, like 300% increase in performance. I WILL BUY IT no matter the bad review about it, because of the SAMOLED display, I WILL BUY, and because of the camera is somewhat excellent and almost similar to the good old Samsung Galaxy S8+ quality, I WILL BUY it. That's my honest and good opinion about Xiaomi Mi A3. Thanks for reading my opinion though, I'll appreciate it.

PS: I am 20 year old guy and kinda outdated about phone techs today, so please don't get mad or rant about my holy opinion, please be nice heh. ^-^

  • Car Fan

Redmi Note 7 is better than this one.......

  • Anonymous

Finally got to see and try the phone in person. Even without a side-by-side comparison, the 720p screen is very evident. With a side-by-side comparison, it was just terrible. I have a Galaxy S8 (running at 720p) and a Redmi Note 5AI. The screen was pale and pixelated, brightness was also too low. My Note 5 takes photos faster than the A3 as well. Such a wasted opportunity since an A3 Pro doesn't seem likely. Might as well go for the Note 8 or Note 8 Pro.

  • Akhand Singh

How to open call recording in MI A3 mobile

  • Wamsu

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2019Yes indeed. Lower resolution = less gpu usage giving more perfor... moreYes display resolution is basic and you can feel it.

Fingerprint is too slow

Rest all are good

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2019I want to buy this phone and i like playin games like pes 2019 p... moreYes indeed. Lower resolution = less gpu usage giving more performance on games. Just like apple.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2019I want to buy this phone and i like playin games like pes 2019 p... moreActually a low res display can make games faster for a given processor, you can play just fine with this phone IF you don't mind the stuff being displayed looking ugly, like in an old phone or a bottom of the barrel entry level phone. Even the redmi 7a will have better PPI than this.

720p is mostly found today in bottom of the barrel entry level phones like the Redmi 7a and even that one will have better PPI than this phone due to smaller size. BUT if companies see a way to sell you 720p on midrange phones again they certainly WILL, samsung just downgraded the A30 display to 720p in the new S variant which proves companies are ready to jump back into the 720p bandwagon if comsumers let them.

  • Dj

The only issue I found in this phone is that it's contacts can't be merged so u willl see same number multiple times with. Irritating

  • Anonymous

Ashiq, 28 Aug 2019Is 128gb 6gb ram only available in India and not in UAE or any o... moreI want to buy this phone and i like playin games like pes 2019 please any can help advice if the low resolution will affect the display performance thank

  • no one

just curious people are saying frame is plastic but here it is mentioned frame is aluminium

  • RG

How I set dual ringtone to this A3

  • dong

the frame is not aluminum, its plastika

  • MinDahSnaps

Just got this phone. Opinions:

Pros :
-Androidone program, not the smoothest, but definitely the cleanest. no stupid ads, no bloatware (only mi related software is mi community which you can uninstall)
-Light and small at 6.01 inches and 170ish grams, compared to redmi note 7 (Very small difference, but still noticeable since I've been using RN7 for quite a while)
-Nice colour (small issue)
-Triple camera setup
-AMOLED feels nice compared to conventional IPS LCD

Cons :
-Yes, display is 720p, and honestly, it really isnt very nice. and like one of the users here mentioned, AMOLED 720p looks more noticeable in terms of low quality than IPS LCD 720p due to the fact that because AMOLED shines so much more, not only it brings out the nice details, it also brings out the bad details. (sometimes cant even tell that its 720p on LCDs, but one look at this and you can tell that the display really took a hit)
-Still new, so not much cases (still waiting for spigen ;_;)
-Slow in-display fingerprint (like, really. its within a second, but possibly about 0.5, and its a hit and miss)
-SD665 is still a new chipset, so some games dont have high graphic support for this (give me my HFR Mode for MLBB pl0x)
-Performance is same with RN7 (not much difference)

Overall I can only recommend this phone if you look at software above everything else. In terms of display, you should be able to get used to it as time goes by.

  • Ashiq

Is 128gb 6gb ram only available in India and not in UAE or any other countries? Please reply

  • Anonymous

Why is ppi so low below 300

  • Gared

Zaff, 27 Aug 2019The camera is amazingly good and I compared my mi a3 camera with... moreGsmarena review noticed pixelization due to hd+ and pentile amoled setup. Have you seen or noticed it?

  • Anonymous

how's the signal speed or the data speed on this phone? does it have a better signal reception?

  • Anonymous

does it have a same camera with the MI CC9?

  • Anonymous

Zaff, 27 Aug 2019The camera is amazingly good and I compared my mi a3 camera with... moreYou sound like Xiaomi's payroll, the pentile AMOLED screen has an effective resolution lower than 720p, seen this screen myself and it looks coarse, specially text, even the review on here point's out the same as well as others around the internet.

People: know that this phone is good in general but the screen is subpar don't let these dishonest people fool you, go to a store and see for yourself, don't take their word for it, very soon as prices come down, you can get a properly made phone like the CC9 for similar price. What's the point on spending two years looking at a rubbish display to save a few bucks.

Munir, 27 Aug 2019I want to buy this phone for only design and camera. How is the... moreNice same with Huawei p30 lite