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  • Dan

Android one, 17 Jul 2019The only drawback display resolution.This is a HUGE disappointment with the screen res.
Im so happy to see AMOLED, but this res is inexcusable, charge the extra $5 if you have to...

  • Anonymous

So why no one said a word when samsung launched a20 for 200€ with the same crap display?I know it's cheaper but it has way worse camera and performance than mi a3. And also it had 3gb ram and 32gb storage and a plastic body

  • Frmg

Just disappointed. 😢

  • Dennis K

Xiaomi has to be playying. This costs €250 staring price , first of all, it should be mi a3 lite and second of all,it should be way below that

  • ThiagoRCC

Very disappointed about it. Screen downgrade, no NFC, Snapdragon 665 !? It doesn't make sense for me. Seems like Xiaomi wants to kill A series.... No excuses, it should be the CC9 instead of CC9e....

Keypad, 17 Jul 2019It's actually really a balanced phone. Got new chipset--I d... moreLoL, A2 had 6 choice. A2 32/4 64/4 128/6 A2 lite 32/3 64/4 32/4 , now there is only 2 and max ram is 4. :D only from this fact you should understand they want to close A lineup. They were not to happy having so good selling android one. Look at other fact Mi A3 price is 220 Mi cc9e 190 phones are same, but they overpriced Android one. (last fact may not be wright)

  • Nick

If they put 1080p display for sure Mi CC9 with MiUi device market will be treathen.thats why the down graded the display..lol

It's actually really a balanced phone. Got new chipset--I dunno the result score for single-core, multi-core. It's pleasant looking.

HD+, despite being downgraded from A2, it's actually a nice decision to use due to maximizing battery usage. Super AMOLED is a great choice because Android Q will have a full dark mode that actually saves battery life and extends the battery life, alongside with reduced display resolution.

Gaming is actually good if we looking for the GPU Adreno 610.

4GB RAM is enough for daily task and some gaming sequence. It's not a big deal breaker because Android One actually has great memory optimization, like the iPhone. Also, Android not much using RAM that lot--especially A3 is stock android. Plus it has 64-128GB ROM with expandable ability to 256GB using MicroSD card, so people's happy about that.

Not to mention for jack 3,5mm that come back again, so be happy Mi A1 user that want to upgrade into this phone.

Mi A3 isn't a perfect budget smartphone. It's simple, yet balanced phone. This phone is made for the people who keep things balanced.

I've seen there are so many people freaks out about 4GB of RAM and 720p display but with zero knowledge about the real reason why Xiaomi decide that. Don't listen to them.

Pavlaras1982, 17 Jul 2019Yes that is a big true. I am owner of previous Xiaomi Mi A... more:) than buy pixel 4 if you want SD 855, no more android ones will have that, mb some nokia 10 may have it in 2020 :D :D :D . It would be cool if they give as SD 730 + 6G ram + 1080p and price 300-350 :(

mehtasameer2087, 17 Jul 2019They will never allow an android one device to be beating t... moreYes that is a big true.
I am owner of previous Xiaomi Mi A1 and Mi A2 and i was waiting for Mi A3.
Now i am disappointing again and i dont know what to do.
If i buy it it will have better camera but without O.I.S. and without E.I.S. , better battery and microsd slot but all the other is same or worst.
They give us AMOLED Screen but with less resolution.
They doesnt give us a Dual SIM and MicroSD but i have to choose if i will use 2 S.I.M. cards or 1 S.I.M. card and 1 MicroSD.
The C.P.U. processor is almost the same with 660.
And cost more than last year model.
I want it to have:
CPU: SnapDragon 855.
SSD: 256GB.
That is the must specs that i want to have with an android one smart phone.

  • Anonymous

I believe this phone should be an upgrade to Mi A2 but it seems like it is an downgrade to Mi A2. 🤭

Only reason I am not going to upgrade my Mi A2 with Mi A3 is because of screen resolution and PPI. It's too low tbh. 😌

  • Ahmed

it should be 6gb, 8gb ram

  • Mrphone

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2019!attention attention! introduce for us a phone with thes... moreYes u r logical.but for me fhd screen + no notch must have for sharp visual experience.Depth sensor based potrait photography is a joke.need telephoto based potrait for premium quality potrait photograph. This phone just not meet my requirements.go for realme x or redmi k20.

All android smartphones now look the same.

  • Ihes

I waiting for this phone long time but now I never buy it. Full dissapointement.

I always read in the comment sections about people having problems with the xiaomi mi a2, but I never had a problem with it. Had one since november of last year until last month (I changed it for a xiaomi mi 9 SE not because there was any issue, but because I wanted to). I never had a problem with it.

  • Anonymous

Mrphone, 17 Jul 2019Only hd+ No telephoto only depth sensor Lol this will sup... more!attention attention!

introduce for us a phone with these descriptions just 208$ except (CC9e=mi a3)
instead of just saying its big fail

super amoled screen, sd665, 48Mp triple sony imx586, 118wide angel, sd card, 32mp front, 3.5mm jack, fm radio, infrared port, indisplay fingerprint, 4030mah 18w, CGG5 screen, 153.5mm screen size close to compact, ufs 2.1

oh dont forget... 208$ its for starting, the price will down
so plz introduce us a phone with these descriptions

  • Parish Khan

I am really disappointed.

  • JG

Why purchase this phone when you could have the MI 9 SE with far way better specs/cameras?, waste of time/effort/money

  • Amadeus

What a waste man. Why did they downgrade on the screen resolution? Plus why SD 665? They could have atleast given us a better chip. I'd rather get the MI A2. This is trash. If I need an Android One device am going the Nokia way.