Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3

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  • mmk

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2019not compactthe phone is perfect.. that it

  • Paapa

Specifications below par, didn't beat expectations and overpriced.
Apart from that Great design, good battery and wondering what specs would be give to MI a3 lite if there's gonna be one

  • wlod

I was waiting ages for the android one phone and now I'm just disappointed with the specs..
was hoping it would be based on Mi 9T. 720p screen that's really below standards.

  • botox

Who would want to buy that phone which is clearly worse than the Mi A2? The A2 is providing a 6gb version and a better screen resolution. I am a fan of the Android One branch but that phone no matter how cheap (and this one won't come cheap) is an absolute deal breaker. I have always wondered why are the successors of a perfectly fine class of technology worse and more expensive. If you want to kill the A2 class why making the effort to produce an A3?

this line will eat the market
like a [swiss knife] i love it

  • X1

The phone is dead without the NFC

  • Anonymous

not compact

  • Anonymous

Bad value for money . HD+ display at 249€ wtff?!
I would rather buy realme 3 pro

  • SBaksi3000

A budget flagship phone. It's gochha a 48MP AI shooter and a 32MP front shooter(probably the best in the world).

  • Csaba

Instead the tripple camera it should have benn a FHD display, and nfc. for that money there are alternatives with all these included.

  • Neelabh110

The Mi A3 is almost as same as the yesteryear's A2. Why? Ithas some upgrades like the OLED screen, in-display fingerprint reader and the 48MP camera along with the 3.5mm headphone jack. But, downgrade is the 720p screen, which is seriously low considering the price point of €250 and €280. This is an OK smartphone by me.

Seems like a promising phone. I love the dimensions and sleek build...

  • Fabio _Brazil

Xiaomi did not really bet on an Android One Smartphone.
Mi A3 would be worthy of a super amoled panel Full HD +, NFC, 7xx or 8xx Snapdragon and why not wireless charging?
There should be an entry-level, intermediate, and top-of-the-range model with Android One.
Nokia is still the best at offering this kind of product.
I still continue with my Nokia 8 Sirocco.

  • leaker

There were so many leaks about the processor: Snapdragon 710 or 730. Card slot, etc
Why didn't Xiaomi step forward and tell people that this won't happen. It's a huge disappointment right now.

PS: that moment when your selfie camera records in 1080, but your display can only show 720.

  • Anonymous

As what being comment by GSM Arena “it’s not we are hoping”, Mi A3 is an underwhelming specs, it’s sibling Mi 9T has shadowed Mi A3 in terms of specs, design and price offer. Poor Mi A3, I will skip for the next Mi A4 (P.S: Owner of Mi A2)

  • cyber

everything below 300 ppi is simply unusable these days especially for 250 usd

  • Roland

Another phone, another copy from Huawei's exterior...

  • Momen Hussein

Unfortunately, it was not as we expected in terms of quality of internal equipment

  • Salon.as

Problem of the price very expensive in 250euro we have need to bring in 170only

  • S E F I R O

Battery won't be much of a deal with this device considering that this is only a 720+ display. Then battery optimization from Stock Android would be better and won't cause major issues like the first Mi A.