Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 scores over 250K registrations in less than a day

Himanshu, 12 September 2017

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, which was officially unveiled yesterday, has already crossed over 250K registrations. While that's certainly good news, it isn't exactly surprising given the level of interest surrounding the company's Mix series.

Keep in mind these are registrations we're talking about, and not pre-orders - no money has changed hands yet. The device will go on sale September 15, and as is usually the case it'd be a flash sale. The 8GB RAM variant will not be part of the first sale.

In case you missed it, the company has also confirmed the handset will be made available in India very soon.



Reader comments

Speaking of irony... Also, when was I gullible to marketing?

  • Anonymous

Now is 901,801 registered. I am one of them but 99% won't get it for the first wave. lol

  • AnonD-696124

and don't forget the price xiaomi is asking for it. People better get a LG G6 even tho i would highly recommend the oneplu 5. It's not belezzelss like the mi mix but hey, at least everything is premium