Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

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so super amoled display from samsung with in display fingerprint sensor was just rumor scam??? big disappointing!!!

Isn't this phone an Overkill in everything - Looks, spec's and maybe price too...

This design may be the futute, if it is built well to not go bad in a few months. The specs are overkill, 10 GB of RAM? Does we already need that much? Anyway I hope for that 4000 mAh battery to be the real deal, and not a smaller one.
Anyway I bet there is no IP rating again, for this new sliding design, which can be useful, but at least a shock resistant rating would be great though!

  • kammem2

apart from slim jaw everythink ok, but still i concern about slide mechanism. For me having notch is not a problem but having bottom bezels yes

Hope it comes with a good price and i will buy