Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

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  • Dave

This isn't the real mi note 10 pro.
the real mi note 10 pro comes with 855 plus.

19,5:9 in a smal size 6,47" display and no SD-card - not to mention the SoC - Dont understand what "Pro" stands for

  • Jnx

Dave, 09 Nov 2019Too Expensive for a midrange. Imma just buy Samsung S10. 69... moreThis is not a midrange device. This is a flagship. Specs are also better than samsung 10. What you talking about..

  • Dave

Too Expensive for a midrange. Imma just buy Samsung S10. 699$? common

  • charlie

is selfie camera have seperate flash light??

Realme X2 Pro 👍 just 400 dollars...... Wow. SD855 plus latest, best ever value for money, 1000 nits max brightness......... Far far far better than this 700 dollars monster. 64MP is the last limit. 108 MP we don't need. Imagine 80 MB of one pic, space killer. Bye bye bye

Who will pay for a midranger of extremely high price.....? A midranger must not be more than 300 dollars at any case. Midrangers gone to flagship prices or even more. It's a big shame...

  • TeamHuzzar

if you all do your research

and yes your camera is limited by your chipset
They had a entire new chipset made fot this phone

auraprime, 07 Nov 20198 optical pieces in the lens helps lower warping toward the... moreThanks. :)

  • bike tyson

Please no more notch displays !

  • Rich watarious

Xiaomi this time you got it all wrong with your pricing, it's too expensive for a midranger. Why didn't you use Snapdragon 855+ ? Please bring the price for us your customers, I plead.

  • Rich watarious

Wow I like this phone but it is too expensive considering it has the midrange chip Snapdragon 730G. They should have used the Snapdragon 855 to make up for it. I believe it's very expensive even than all their flagship phones because of the camera upgrade.

  • Anonymous

Gamal, 08 Nov 2019What does (8p lens) mean?The lens is built out of 8 parts (diferent lenses, rings, aperture I believe... the more parts, the more complex essentially)

  • just looking

650 euro, not a cheap one with only SD730 inside

  • Gamal

What does (8p lens) mean?

Joe, 07 Nov 2019The video quality is still the best for a camera phoneTry Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche or Mate 30 RS Porsche and you will think twice.

  • auraprime

Brynn, 07 Nov 2019what is 8p lens or 7p lens thank you.8 optical pieces in the lens helps lower warping toward the edges of the image.

  • auraprime

HuCCi, 07 Nov 2019Someone please tell me difference betwen: mi note 10 & ... morethis website is fairly good at giving you the ability to check differences through a compare page


  • Joe

ain, 07 Nov 2019was hoping for it actually. I am very disappointed. And no ... moreThe video quality is still the best for a camera phone

  • Nahid Qatar

i can't be run for price ,