Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

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Between SD730G and SD855 +, both have their own advantages. But actually which is the latest?

  • Maxis

This phone still using UFS2.0/2.1 and Snapdragon 730, due to this, if u capture 108mp photo, it will cost few seconds to save a photo.

  • Anonymous

bazsi, 17 Nov 2019i will get this phone soon i really like xiaomi stuff [i... moreWait for New version, they Will Come out with 855 snapdragon version Just like k20 t turbo. Snapdragon 720g is not worth it

  • bazsi

i will get this phone soon

i really like xiaomi stuff [i don't have any but i recently wanted a mi 9]

okay it't overpriced and shit but it's 108 megapixel and i really want a good looking camera on a phone

i'm also a youtuber and i kinda want good looking footage like this phone does

and with this phone all my classmates and my bro will be jealous :)

  • Anonymous

hater, 16 Nov 2019Li-Po battery are garbrageOk

I love Xiaomi phones. My last phone was the pocophone F1, now using MI 9T, which I like except for the under-display fingerprint scanner which I nearly always need to touch 2 or 3 times to get it to work. This new Note 10 Pro is way too heavy, like so many new phones, plus same fingerprint scanner, which I would not buy again.

  • hater

Li-Po battery are garbrage

  • Liam Gardner

DarkCoder, 15 Nov 2019202g weight.. Seriously... Oh shut up, it has a gigantic battery in there. What do you expect?

202g weight.. Seriously...

  • DragoÈ™

Kiko, 14 Nov 2019Don't buy, dont support 5G.5G it's not good for health.

  • ciyz

This is a real deal! I might consider this for its price.

  • Kiko

Don't buy, dont support 5G.

  • Ogi

Eazman, 14 Nov 2019hope xioami will used snapdragon 865 with this system camer... moreThat is reserved for flagship model. In real life,this is perfomance equal to SD 845.With great camera and AMOLED display, it it great value for the money..

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2019Because Xiaomi and Samsung are collabing but why samsung cant make cheap and more interesting offer than xiaomi

hope xioami will used snapdragon 865 with this system camera on next model

  • Rich watarious

I have actually watched more than 6 reviews of this phone on YouTube and they all said the camera system of this phone is among the greatest this year. But one of them said this camera sit on top of the chart with Huawei Mate 30 pro. This is amazing. I hope Xiaomi make the same or even better camera system for their next flagship phone. This is a midrange Chip made in a phone like high end but it is still upper midrange phone. But this undoubtedly tops all upper midrange phones. I hope it sells so well and will go global.

  • Lol

why tho, 09 Nov 2019An Fm radio, ir blaster, nfc and a 3.5 mm jack in a 2019 fl... moreGo back to NOKIA ERA stupid removable battery...... 😂

Does the mi note 10 pro have dual band GPS L1 + L5 ???

  • Optimus

ASA, 11 Nov 2019What is "Pro" about this !!! The specs are identical to th... moreStrorage is 256gb on the pro. Indeed theres no point for 100$ upcharge for 128gb of storage

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2019why would a non-samsung phone, have samsung pay? -_-Because Xiaomi and Samsung are collabing