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  • Vorne

2 years now since i've bought the first mi pad, guess what, it's still on android 4.4.4 and xiaomi won't release the kernel source so devs can't make proper custom roms! only unofficial cm11 ports but still based on android 4.4.4.
so think twice before you buy this mi pad 2 pice of shit because mi pad will do the same to this one.

  • Rubel

No cellular connectivity!!! what a joke!!!

  • vicky

Skyeo, 27 May 2016Anyone can share how to play video rmvb file on this tablet? I t... moreif windows use vlc if android also try vlc

  • vicky

Skyeo, 27 May 2016Anyone can share how to play video rmvb file on this tablet? I t... moreif windows use vlc if android also try vlc

  • mismarca

Skyeo, 27 May 2016Anyone can share how to play video rmvb file on this tablet? I t... moreTry change the video decoder from HW to SW.

  • mismarca

Have you tried to change the video decoder in the MX Player setting from HW to SW?

  • Skyeo

Anyone can share how to play video rmvb file on this tablet? I tried MX player but it didn't work :(

  • Ken

Quick review for the Mi Pad 2 64Gb running Windows 10: switched to mi pad 2 from another windows pc tablet, the Microsoft surface pro 2, my experience has been great so far. Very premium build, beautiful screen, slim and very light-weight. The battery's holding great for itself, mine always last for more than a day with regular using like checking facebook, reading books, youtubing and watching movies (brightness at 75% most the time). The tablet works fairly smooth with windows 10, even it has just 2Gb of ram; but don't expect about multi-tasking like crazy. Yes, people tested and confirmed that you can play some games like LoL, CS:GO... on it, but due to its size, I do not recommend use this tablet mainly for gaming.

  • Ken

Chanmyae, 14 May 2016Can I install window software on this window tablet?It's running full windows 10, so basically whatever you can do with a desktop/laptop, you can do with it. But the machine isn't so powerful, so some software may run slower than usual.

  • seedarren

This mi pad 2 is absolutely disappointed, slow response and hang and always black screen. It always prompt temperature too hot even i only access normal apps. There are always ads come out that interrupt the flow of using it. Does anyone has this experience? Is it normal?

  • Chanmyae

Can I install window software on this window tablet?

  • AnonD-529957

was planning 2 buy 1, but no GPS, so I can't use HERE MAPS, opting for something else...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2016Absolutely correct Agreed 100℅, bought mipad gen 1 with lots of excitement but was disgusted by the software experiwnce. After searching a lot found an unofficial cm11 ROM. Hats-off to the developer for developing such a stable ROM even without source code. Now installed root booster app from play store and everything is absolutely fine. Initially there were some bugs but reset the tab and everything fine ever since. Had quite a number of devices in the past but this is the first device that forced me to take the risk and learn how to root i.

  • Anonymous

64gb android version of this tablet is available. The pink color also (for all variants). I just bought it for replacing my old samsung tab 7.7. The performance is awsome, no bloatware. Chrome and youtube are not pre installed on this pad. There is no vibrating alert at this tab, but it doesnt matter.

  • AnonD-531084

will the 64 gb version will have miui and android operating system? or its custom rom? when will this be available in India? is it safe to buy from aliexpress china?

  • AnonD-308477

will there be version with lte?

  • cenzi91

Hi! I'm going to buy windows 10 version. No gaming (maybe something light) only pdf reading and some windows program (for me x5 z8500 is ok). I am more interest in battery life. How is user experience? Is stable and responsive? How is battery life and battery drain in standby? Are you happy with this device? Thanks

  • revanth

It is used in now and also in future. i hope it is wonderful tab. "{OOH"}

  • AnonD-529367

why xiaomi delaying launch of pad 2 in india when it has launched in other parts of the world

  • Anonymous

Does this have gorilla glass or dragon tail?