Xiaomi Mix 4

Xiaomi Mix 4

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  • Huy Bo

it will be perfect if it coming with 2k display

rxmaray, 11 Aug 2021you're missing the point of this phone, this phone has... moreUpc?just for upc?
This phone has only upc! Nothing else
And upc is a reason for its weak selfie camera just like ZTE

Oppo find x3
Iqoo 7
Vivo x60 pro plus
With this price are really better choice

EricDVP, 11 Aug 2021Low resolution Low ppi And old camera sensors Weak and ... moreyou're missing the point of this phone, this phone has currently the best upc camera, the best of its kind. gsmarena commenters can never be pleased. it's always the ip68, card slot, 1080p display or 3.5mm jack.

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021Actually it IS a Flagship killerNot really but a good flagship I say

Sadnokian8, 10 Aug 2021Unbelievable 😨 !!!! With these specifications only 660 € 😯Low resolution
Low ppi
And old camera sensors
Weak and old front camera sensor
These are the reasons for 660€

P50 with high resolution
High ppi
Much more better selfie camera
Selfie 4k camera
And 600€
So p50 is unbelievable

It looks awesome, especially at that price. Mine on D1

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021Am I the only who think under display cameras will be very ... moreHuh? As if they can't take your photo without you knowing with the current notch

Sadnokian8, 10 Aug 2021Unbelievable 😨 !!!! With these specifications only 660 € 😯They using old camera hardware and ip53 that's how but yes still pretty insane

  • Anonymous

There should be a 3.5mm audio jack.

  • Anonymous

Some specs are better in MI MIX 4 & some are better in MI 11 ultra

Something is missing

Sadnokian8, 10 Aug 2021Yes in every flagships something is missing 🤦🏻Yes. I think ip 68 rating is missing

Wonderful specs but 6.67" display not for me, am a huge display fun 😏😏

  • j

no card slot is a deal breaker to me. stop copying apple's non extendable storage

  • Pindiboy

Everything thing is perfect like mi 11 ultra. But one thing is quite less is battery 4500mah.its better if it is 5000mah minimum..

  • Anonymous

amlan, 10 Aug 2021I'm bit surprised because, none talked about its softw... moreWe don't need tempared glass while it has gorilla glass victus
I think they aware of using third party apps so we should wait to see mix 4 in action

yalim, 10 Aug 2021Still only large variant is avaliable.one size phone for on... moreYeah made for children to play games :-/ Really sad to see this become a standard all companies follow in the race of numbers, bigger screen, CPU, camera etc. where is the phones from 5 years ago can do the job just fine for the average user and for what they are ment to be: a communication device. But hey, something has to drive their sale and vlogers have to talk about something it's all about money at the end of the day.

  • DefaultRoot

Would this work with Telus in Canada for the 5G or 4G bands?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021I mean there are a lot of cloud storage services and extra ... moresure,because everyone have the exact same use case on how to use smartphones like you, why the hell you need to plug or transfer your data to cloud or laptop etc,why you could literary just save your data on sdcard....so whenever your phones have problem,you dont need to worry about your data,because it all on the card,but hey...why need sdcard right? and do you any cloud service that provide 1tb storage in the same price like 1tb microsdcard?

  • Anonymous

Tselligas, 10 Aug 2021Seriously i can't get the trend of removing the micros... moreeveryone love e-waste you know