Xiaomi partners with Light to develop multi-camera smartphones

Peter, 26 February 2019

Light got into the mobile business with HMD – the Nokia 9 PureView camera is its first – but this is not an exclusive partnership. Xiaomi and Light will be developing smartphone cameras based on computational photography too.

This is just the beginning of their collaboration, so it will be a while before a multi-camera Xiaomi with the Light image processor pops up.

The two companies didn’t give away anything about future designs, but the phone will likely use Sony sensors and feature 4+ cameras – a few days ago Light partnered with Sony to use IMX sensors in upcoming multi-camera setups.

The Light image processor Using different focal lengths A high fidelity depth map
The Light image processor • Using different focal lengths • A high fidelity depth map

Light’s image processor – an ASIC dubbed the Lux Capacitor – is designed to support multiple cameras (from 2 to over 10) with different focal lengths. However, HMD picked a 5-camera array 28mm lenses all around, will Xiaomi go for something else?



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Not sure what the big deal is anyway, all this while, we have also had different companies using the same camera modules from Sony. Differences in software and other implementations can still result in differences in image quality.

  • Anonymous

So what you're saying is these 'copycats' that you keep referring to, will come with something the others won't have? So you mean something original?

  • Gwen

As those copycats provide a more reliable, better and flexible solution than the rigid and slow Nokia one, they are welcome!!! I don't care if they come from China, as the Nokia ones come from China too. So welcome copycats with OIS, telephoto, wide ...

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