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Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

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  • Anonymous

Siddhartha, 07 May 2020People are saying that the phone is too expensive, why aren... moreIt's more powerful than A13, lol...

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 05 May 2020Man i watch movies and often but using Wifi for that not st... moreGood for you, some of us need many TB to store games and movies/tv series, 256gb is like 1mb for us, a SD card slot with 1TB wouldn't hurt.

For those who don't like the pop up cameras go buy 100 other different Snapdragon 865 phones with a stupid hole in the screen if you like them so much, this is like the only notchless option we got and people cry for the pop up camera hahah

  • Anonymous

400-500€ for the 256gb model would be nice

  • Mehh

I dont care for fkn cameras.. thats not what poco "fanbase" is looking for... Can i get good specs and screen without paying 300 $ for cameras..

no ois?

  • Siddhartha

People are saying that the phone is too expensive, why aren't they looking at the specs , this phone is giving probably the world's number one processor after bionic A13 even it might be equivalent to that processor, and not to mention AMOLED Display, HDR10 support and many other things.

  • Floodgate

This is the year of the over expensive phones.

They know that we are in a pandemic worldwide and people buying new phones is declining yet still they raise the price.

Burn Xiaomi burn, do you really think we europeans are stupid jacking up the prices. My Mi 9T Pro will carry me easily the coming years. I would have been fine with a price of 500 euros, but alas.

Good luck not selling enough, because you are to close to the oneplus and co

  • Jagger

Im a Pocophone user..but with a EU 600 tag price, i wont buy this unit...way too expensive...

  • Yusuf

.... , 06 May 2020Yeah so youre comparing its price to a flagship from xiaomi... moreHey, many people are complaining about poco f2 being at $600 bucks..Maybe you should check out the Vivo iqoo neo 5G

  • ....

AnoM, 06 May 2020Those complain the phone too expensive, please check the pr... moreYeah so youre comparing its price to a flagship from xiaomi the same company and comparing its price to oneplus 8 knowing that its price is about 699$ and if really poco f2 pro gonna be sold for 600 euros that means 650$ so a 50$ difference is not huge and why didnt you compare its price to something like the vivo iqoo neo 3 which is also a SD 865 phone and its price is about 380$ and it also has ufs 3.1 and LDDR5 ram in its base model so thats really stupid

  • Anonymous

AnoM, 06 May 2020Those complain the phone too expensive, please check the pr... moreChinese phones like these should still and always will need to have a price tag uner $600. These "flagship" phones from them are pure rubbish compare to the more reliable phones from Korea, America and Japan. This phone is overpriced, it should be around $399 to compete with the SE.

  • AnoM

Those complain the phone too expensive, please check the price for Xiaomi Mi10 and Oneplus 8 price again. I'm asking the official price, not the grey import price, then you will know if this Poco F2 Pro is that expensive.
I can tell that the official Xiaomi Black Shark 3, Xiaomi Mi10, and Oneplus 8, the base model 128GB version sold at my country is around €599, so I guess the price for this Poco F2 Pro will be something lower than this price, but not far lower.
The 256GB/12GB version of Realme X2 Pro with 90hz screen, SD855+ is sold around €512 at my country. I guess this Poco F2 Pro will be sold around this pricing if officially launch at my country.

60 Hz and useless macro/depth sensors for 600 euro... Absolute garbage. How could they drop the ball so hard in just one generation?

I knew that they wouldn't be able to match the price/performance ratio of Poco F1, but this is an absolute disaster.

Poco phones used to be centered about processer and nothing else, no quad camera setup, nor AMOLED screen, nor pop-camera
Now it is just a copy of k30 , it is not a Poco

  • Dragonsea

Too expensive

  • Techman

joe nodden, 04 May 2020If this doesn't have bands 2 and 4 I think I'm gonna die a ... moreIm not sure why but recently my Redmi and Lenovo Z6 can't connect to my router much less the internet. They use other wifi just fine. Don't know what it is about my router, every other device connects. I even type in the device Mac to permit for nothing. At least if it has those bands for the global version (China version is guaranteed to lack it) I'll consider it if I can fix the imported device connect issue...

  • Akshat(phone guru)

Jahid hasan, 05 May 2020So expensive!! This price is more than double compare to po... moreNice phone but too much expensive...it should have been between 25k to 30k but its more than 40k......not worth phone for this amount.... instead, you can buy One Plus phones...that would be better option for the buyers at this price range

  • Peter Ph

Anonymous, 05 May 2020Poco: Foco F2 won't be a rebranded k30 Pro Also Poco mont... moreIt's a big lie U guys compare here the k30 pro they're the same picture features and specs lols and with the 395ppi who will buy ? Oh no not me!!

  • Anonymous

so expensive

Not bad spec's
Will love to have one