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  • Techmaster

ISLEM DJEMA, 01 Jul 2021Hello, in my opinion, this phone is a real flagship killer,... moreHowever let's not get carried away by the price and focus on the cons too, Touch delay problem is important to address especially for gamers, overheating when playing Genshin impact, non existent proximity sensor which makes the screen light up during a call, AMOLED and high temperature unstable performance will cause a burn in pixels in no time so I don't recommend this phone for heavy users because they will face a lot of problems in a short period of time.

Anyone facing touch delay while gaming?

what do you think better camera poco f3 redmi note 10 pro or x3 pro cause f3 has very old sensor so i afraid of getting awful camera resullts

  • Marko serbia

aReefer, 30 Jun 2021I have the F3, but honestly I don't think it's wo... morei was thinking about your phone and x3pro difference is 100euro.. thank for sharing your thoughts

Hello, in my opinion, this phone is a real flagship killer, because the combination and the balance between the package and the price, and for many reasons :
1- A flagship grade SOC (SD 870/Super powerful).
2- An excellent screen (flagship grade), it's scores A+ according to display mate LAB, you can see the result of the tests in there website.
3- Great Battery life and great fast charging (Super charger included in the box), specially after the Mui 12.5.1 update.
4- Excellent connectivity : 5G, Wifi 6, BT 5.1, GPS dual band, NFC,.......
5- Excellent build quality, even it's not metal but it have a great finishion with CGG 5 front and back, I have the deep ocean blue version and it's so beautiful.
6- A good camera in most condition but not great, it's build for the vast majority of people (average people who wants to take a fast and good pictures only) it's not build for people who have a high photography skills.
7- Price (no comment), if you think wise, there's no really good reasons for most people to buy a flagship smartphone above the price of this one, it's makes other brands looks ridiculously overpriced, think wise and save your money.
Cons :
1- Mui : but it gets better with the last and the future update, and remember that the SOC SD870 and 120 hrz screen, makes this phone fly even with Mui.

  • AnonD-1004713

Gnomisa, 30 Jun 2021Mine doesnt have that so pls dont judge the phone by your f... moreI just sold it. Well, technically trade it in for another phone, because nobody will have bought it. Lol.

  • Marhans

It have liquid cooling system.

  • Nuno

I have the phone for 2 week's. The first 3 days i was not happy with battery, but ver pleased with performance (8GB-256Gb). 3 days ago there was a miui 12 update for 12.5.1 and what a difference... the autonomy raised so much!
Regarding the performance i can only say with split screen function looks like a PC, there is no lag at all!

  • Kojiroll

IamfromPhilippines, 28 Jun 2021Does AMOLED Display (POCO F3) really worth to sacrifice bet... morehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QR7uGCrSRs

  • Anonymous

Mat, 30 Jun 2021 F3 or x3 pro which is better ?poco f3

NNN, 30 Jun 2021Guys, tired after reading all the tech specialist type comm... moreCant imagine how a 5 year old phone will perform, i dont think it will become exactly slower, but chances are AMOLED screen might be a little burned out by that time, the battery must be DONE or already replaced once and already on its way to go out, phones are not for ever, i get it that they are expensive even at this range, but my 2.5 years old Xiaomi Mi 8 was probably on a 60% battery life compared to what it had when new, updates have stopped already, why keep that phone for other 2.5 years? the phone works just fine dont get me wrong, the battery is the only issue i have with it and without gaming it could last a day of modest use, but it would be a stretch.

  • Gnomisa

AnonD-1004713, 25 Jun 2021Depends on the way you have it. Mine is quite bad (is almos... moreMine doesnt have that so pls dont judge the phone by your fault unit. Instead, juste replace it.

  • Anonymous

F3 is Best phone in these price

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1004713, 30 Jun 2021Exactly. Samsung and Apple have better service provided aft... moreDid you watched? Mrwhoiatheboss video lol.

Mat, 30 Jun 2021 F3 or x3 pro which is better ?I have the F3, but honestly I don't think it's worth the $100 difference between it and a similarly spec'd X3 Pro.

Maybe worth a $50 increase, but not $100.

I think in retrospect I'd take the X3 Pro and get myself some nice headphones or a nice Fiio Bluetooth DAC with the change unless I absolutely *had* to have the faster SD870.

That's my 2 cents on the subject anyway.

Good luck.

  • Mat

F3 or x3 pro which is better ?

  • NNN

Guys, tired after reading all the tech specialist type comments, take it easy, it's a great phone for the people who can or want to spend less. all don't need to be so tech gigs :D frankly speaking I am one as well!
But you can use this phone min 3 years to 5 years if you are a modest user!!
Good luck Poco F3 :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1004713, 30 Jun 2021Exactly. Samsung and Apple have better service provided aft... moreI don't have your issues. I do play a lot of black desert mobile (quite similar to genshin) I don't have phone overheating or green tint. I have no issues that would force me to sell my phone I am quite happy with it. My only issue is the phone support for 3rd party launchers no full gestures support. They claim its android issue. But I got older oneplus 7t pro it's running android 11 and have full gestures when using Nova. Good luck with your next phone.

  • Dron

Jake, 26 Jun 2021Anyone having fast battery drain issue? 5 hours idle droppe... moreBought it on prime day. Battery drops around 0,5-1% overnight these 10 days I was using
it; so far the only issue I had with this phone is with proximity sensor quirks while calling.

  • AnonD-1004713

El Fernas, 27 Jun 2021He probably exaggerated a bit with 9/10 but it seems a wide... moreExactly. Samsung and Apple have better service provided after purchase. Good luck waiting for Xiaomi to fix some well known bug with some software update.
Of course every company has some models that are not working 100% perfectly (even Samsung or Apple). But at least they are correcting those bugs relatively quick.
I am waiting for the green tint and heating issues in my Poco F3 to be corrected since MiUi 12.0.3. Now, in MiUi 12.5 they still haven't been fixed.
But anyway, I have the phone at selling, so probably I will not have this phone for much time.

As a personal advice for anybody in here, do not buy this model. Unless you are ok with the issues I described in my previous posts. Or you desperately need a gaming phone on a budget. Personally I bought it to test the SD870 and I was very pleased (performance wise). But, the phone disappointed me overall.