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  • mahsanjoiya

Vathu, 20 Sep 2021After miui12.5.4.0 Poco f3 pubg gameplay display fluctuati... moreI've been playing pubg for 3 years.
One thing I can say for sure is you can't play competitive or rush game on any snapdragon like 870/888 or android device in fact it can never be as optimized as iOS.
It will start to heat up after a month or 2 and you will face frame drops in last circles.
Try disabling Game Turbo it will help.

  • mahsanjoiya

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021It's either because your area has stronger 4g connecti... moreI've only 4G here in Pakistan and in my area its rather weaker. I think there is something wrong in cellular network settings as system can't change 4G signals to 3G.
I've tried on older devices where *#*#4636#*#* let me change network to forced 4G. It stays to 4G even when I'm getting 1 network signal.
This calling issue is also there in my other Redmi 9 device.

  • Anonymous

Why gps tracking disconnect during call?also the gps signal is low

  • Anonymous

My ringtone volume keeps dropping down to around 50% without me adjusting it. Anyone else suffering from this?

  • Vathu

After miui12.5.4.0 Poco f3 pubg gameplay display fluctuations it's to annoying

  • AnoM

J.S.Stan, 19 Sep 2021I'm using Poco F3 for one month, and I'm a hard u... moreIssues for battery life on heavy gaming?
It is not an issue. It is you that want forever non-charging battery life, which in real life won't happen, even ROG Phone with 6000mah battery also need charging.
You are like complaining a sport car that always drive at maximum speed has low mileage per one full tank of fuel.

  • Anonymous

mahsanjoiya, 19 Sep 2021sometimes I lost network service on both sim slots. I'... moreIt's either because your area has stronger 4g connectivity than 5g, or that it is because of the MIUI system. It tends to put background apps or closed apps at it is when you are like gaming or what, since apps are on a "batter saver" mode - the apps themselves.

Just tweak it up, a lot, coz MIUI system is just really not a simple one, but still a better system I've had than my old phones.

  • X

Guys, any idea about Poco F4 release date? I saw some websites said: September 2021

  • King jay kay

J.S.Stan, 19 Sep 2021I'm using Poco F3 for one month, and I'm a hard u... moreWell bro i bought it almost 20 days ago and after first charge i haf never charged it again

I play pubg and cod for 12 hours and after that my brother plays pubg and cod for next 12 hours

On single charge we are going strong even on 20th day

Battery % is 89%

Hooe you got satisfactory answer

  • mahsanjoiya

sometimes I lost network service on both sim slots. I've also encountered some calling issue even I'm getting 4g signals and the person who is calling me is sitting right besides me.
people often complain me they couldn't reach me through call as my phone was showing me offline.
This is such a pathetic network service from you guys.
Cheap products come with a price and I think this is the price I'm paying.
It might be my last Xiaomi product.

  • Anonymous

Mary Strickland, 19 Sep 2021I heard poco and mi phones have alot of bugs and issues so ... moreYou will get more issues with the A52. The A series phones are a disgrace to smartphones. Over a year you will go insane over the lag.

On the other hand MIUI only has minor bugs that have mostly been fixed in the latest update 12.5.4 so I would choose the Poco if I were you.

  • Anonymous

what should i buy? Realme GT Master Edition or Xiaomi Poco F3

  • J.S.Stan

I'm using Poco F3 for one month, and I'm a hard user always. My battery only stands for one day. Does the Poco F3 give the same battery life for all the Poco users who play PUBG and CODM longtime ?
Or Is there any issues with my phone ?

  • Mary Strickland

I heard poco and mi phones have alot of bugs and issues so I'm thinking of getting a52 4g what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Thank you for any answers ❤️

  • Taki

I recieved the update which fixed most of the issues I had, that I posted here except for the ringtone issue (where I get the same one fir both sims even though I selected separate ones). The animations on MIUI are smoother than OneUiI.

  • shadow

inteluser, 18 Sep 2021I buy this phone and i have overheating problem (easy up ... morebro this phone's chipset might look strong, but u need to see other things also, pubg, genshin, codm players like you play hours after hours, then it is normal for the phone to heat up. this phone is a flagship killer in 2021, you can use it for casual use and use it for years, if you want a phone for gaming i recommened you the redmi k40 pro

inteluser, 18 Sep 2021I buy this phone and i have overheating problem (easy up ... moreBuy OnePlus or Samsung because they have stable OS can tolerate all kind of uses..
And sell me your F3 if you don't want it
My nickname here is the username on telegram

I buy this phone
and i have overheating problem (easy up to 55° in COD or PUBG) and very fast during battery,
I update form MIUI 12.5.2 to 12.5.4 enhance but not deferent, and i have no time for this phone and want to buy new
Any suggestions? (performance exactly like snapdragon 870) without any heating and battery problem?

Definitely no. The 120Hz refresh rate is the only advantage the F3 has. It's slightly noticeable when scrolling, but for the quality of display, they're the same. The 870 SD is just an overclocked SD 865. SD 865 handles everything you throw at it, with ease.
Then with f2 pro, you get a notchless screen giving you the perfect full screen experience, then a better battery life and a better camera.
F3 is not an upgrade over it. Wait for F4

MladenJ, 16 Sep 2021I have a Poco F2pro, so I'm interested in whether it i... moreYes it is. If you really care about the notchless screen and a slightly better camera, keep the F2 Pro but the display(MEMC and High Refresh rate available), speaker, design, weight, processor are better on the F3. It's just the more refined device of the two if you ask me.I upgraded from F2 Pro to F3 and I didn't miss the F2 Pro at all.