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  • AnoM

AnoM, 19 Jul 2021No, it won't support 55W, 67W and 120W charging. Even... moreI want to say is hardware limitation, but it is not a limitation, it is the design of the phone charging hardware.
It is quite complex to explain all the charging standard.
In nutshell, it's charging hardware is not compatible to other changing standard, regardless of higher or lower wattage. It only can use Xiaomi's own cable and charger to achieve 33W charging, and support QC3.0/QC4.0 and USB-PD 18W charging, and of course the normal 10W charging.

Leo07, 10 Jul 2021Hey it's me, replying from my GSM arena's account... moreThen what's the "everything" outside higher refresh rates?

In my opinion, poco f3 only has higher refresh rate advantage over the f2 pro and that's just slightly noticeable in scrolling through pages. Speed wise, no difference. It's processor is just a slightly overclocked 865 in f2 pro.
Then F2 pro has a better camera, better build Quality, better sound quality via the 3.5mm Jack in comparison to the dongle.

I can't advise someone to upgrade from f2 pro to f3. It's not an upgrade

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for a few months and It is great only a few things.

Because of the powerfel chip and 120 Hz is the Battery life Not so great but mediocre but the small Battery leads It to raster charging (20 to 80 procent in 25-30 min)

Software sometimes a bit buggy (mostly in games)

Camera is decent, but not great. Ultrawide is mediocre and I rather saw a telephoto lens instead of a macro camera. But you can download g-cam (apk).

No official ip-rating, but it is for a part protected for water

Rather saw a pop- up selfie camera like it's last generation

Aluminium, steel or metal frame feels more durable and luxerious

But the only cost 350 euro's (now I think 300) and It still has class leading (for the Price) performance and screen. And It has lots of features in the software and a elegant design with glass (if you want mat glass choose the Artic White).

  • Okiee

FakAllPhoneMaker, 20 Jul 2021That's what im talking about , thank you XIAOMI , for ... moreThey Will Love it Sir

  • jonjon

FakAllPhoneMaker, 20 Jul 2021That's what im talking about , thank you XIAOMI , for ... morelot of money. please buy me one poco f3. may god bless you

  • Anonymous

Leo07, 20 Jul 2021Is it because of software limitations? Can you just explain... moreNo, the charging speed of a phone depends on its hardware's design. If the phone is designed at a specific charging speed rate, it will only charge based on its maximum charging speed rate even if you use a charger with higher wattage. Therfore, the phone's software doesn't have any concern on its charging speed rate. Additionally, just because a phone has a higher or flagship proccessor, it doesn't mean it will also charge quickly just like flagship phones nowadays with 67+ Watts. Again, it depends on the manufacturer if how much charging speed rate will they put on a phone and also take not that considering the POCO F3's price, lowering the rate of charging speed is also their way of cutting the price cost.

That's what im talking about , thank you XIAOMI , for make this happened with budget price tag and luxury spec. :) I'm going to order for my kids I hope they like it...
well for now I owned poco f2 pro , so next up coming iphone 13 pro max im going to buy. :D both im going to use it for 10 years... after the next upgrade on year 2029.

  • Bob

AnoM, 18 Jul 2021I think we all should accept all comments here. Definitely... moreDude..u're high...x3 has bigger battery but drains out quickly than f3....big difference in displays and speed...I sold x3 and now using f3...I can assure x3 is in lower league..f3 is a win win in terms of money and what u get

AnoM, 19 Jul 2021No, it won't support 55W, 67W and 120W charging. Even... moreIs it because of software limitations? Can you just explain a little more about it, because i thought that snapdragon 870 can support high powered chargers!

  • AnoM

Leo07, 19 Jul 2021Hi guys, does Poco F3 support 55w, 67w or 120w charging? I ... moreNo, it won't support 55W, 67W and 120W charging.
Even it is supported for these high wattage charger, it will only charge max at 33W.

Hi guys, does Poco F3 support 55w, 67w or 120w charging? I don't know either it supports any of these chargers or not, I was considering to buy high powered charger for my Poco F3, would it make any difference in charging speed or not? If anyone has tried one of above mentioned chargers then please let me know?

  • Anonymous

jotab1611, 18 Jul 2021I am having wifi disconexions problemsswitch to the 5 GHz setting on your Wifi router then it won't disconnect. 2.4 ghz wifi is very unstable.

  • jotab1611

zzz, 15 Jul 2021hello guys just wanna ask if you have any problem connectin... moreI am having wifi disconexions problems

  • SE

This phone is the best known for its gaming capabilities. And for this price is a win win.
U have a flagship chipset SD870, dual speakers, 120hz refresh, amoled screen, 5g , slimmer than most phones
Then u have features like common camera setup, battery life

I have already tried all android phones. For the money, this is really a seal deal

  • Puppy

SRAce1, 14 Jul 2021Absolutely agree. Hope all issues will be resolved in the n... moreBut what's wrong with the camera?

  • AnoM

I think we all should accept all comments here.
Definitely, this is not a perfect smartphone by any means.
For me, for this year, if your country officially has these selling, minimum get Poco X3 Pro.
The second to consider is Poco F3.
The third is Realme GT.
Then, go upper, got Xiaomi Mi11, ASUS Zenfone 8, OnePlus 9R, and anything more expensive.
I know that for each country, the pricing for each are quite different, and it is not as cheap, and availability for these smartphone also are differ from each other's.
My advice is avoid getting the China ROM imported variant for any circumstances as those Global ROM are the one that is intended to work properly in your country with full Google GMS without issue, and got official local warranty. Unless you know flashing, unlock bootloader, then it is up to your pick.

  • AnoM

aReefer, 16 Jul 2021Did that a long time ago. It changes the sound, but not ... moreI think to solve your problem, is to buy another type C to 3.5mm dongle to try out. I believe it ia due to the dongle itself, which has 2 kind of technology.
I believe the dongle provided free come with the box is the Xiaomi own analogue converter which works exactly like the traditional 3.5mm analogue output.
You should try out any third party true DAC dongle that works on any type C smartphone. I got an original HTC DAC type C to 3.5mm which works on all smartphone, and also works on any Windows 10 laptop with type C port.

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2021Hello guys, Hope you are all having wonderful day so, I�... moreBuy the phone and don't worry about the Green tint. I don't even notice anything like that at all. The screen is superb.

  • Kokuyo

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2021Hello guys, Hope you are all having wonderful day so, I�... moreWell the POCO F3 does have a green tint issue but it's only visible on dark grey background on the lowest brightness setting so it's not a big deal. It Doesn't affect the display in any way.
As for daily usage the phone is fluid and fast.
Between the Mi10t and Poco F3 go for the Mi10t if you want better cameras and aluminium frame but if you want better display and slightly faster processor go for the Poco F3

  • Anonymous

Hello guys, Hope you are all having wonderful day
so, I'm thinking about getting this phone due to good price that it offers.
However I read some comments about tint display issue, would you kindly tell me how bad and critical it is?
I was wondering if this phone is good in day to day usage. Im having a hard time choosing between this phone or Mi 10T, thou I like the design of F3 better. thanks for for your feedback.